HELP ...Tried to make bootable Clone of my hard drive Can't Boot help?

By Helpimagirl69 ·
Hi I was told that this group of people is the smartest and I hope you all can help me.

I wanted to make a copy of my operating system so I could put it on my new HD in my laptop...I was told .."easy ..since you don't have a disk but have a valid product key just clone your deskk top drive and make it a bootable clone then put it onto your new hard drive and it will work.

So I downloaded and ran "XXClone" to do the job for me and used my C drive as the source and a newly partitioned drive as the target drive for the cloned drive to go. The OS I am cloning here BTW is Windows XP Media Center which I love. I did everything to make it bootable and started to clone it and was soon told my new drive (of 7 gigs) wasn't large enough to contain the entire cloned info I thought ...well this is too much work i will just go get a disk and turned it off ...then when I turned it back on earlier the only option it gave me on start up was to boot fromm the partially cloned drive only. Since it was only 1/3 of the drive it obviously wouldn't boot anything ...How can I fix this and get back to the proper drive to be able tpo access my C Drive and boot from it again... Like dorothy in the wizard of oz .."I just want to go home" Help!

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Not sure what XXClone actually is

by OH Smeg In reply to HELP ...Tried to make boo ...

But all that should be required here is to remove the new HDD and let the system boot off the old drive.

As for the new drive 7 GIG is very small so just how big is it actually? While it will hold an OS it will not hold a OS that has been running for any length of time with installed Applications and Data in most cases.

XP requires somewhere around 5 GIG to run as a Loaded OS without data.

As for cloning the original Drive all you need is Acronis which is free and available here

Just download the Trial version burn to CD and work from there.

If you want another option Clonezilla is also free and works quite well.

As for making a clone I just set the Cloning Software to copy to the entire new drive it works quite well and I've used both of the above Programs numerous times.


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More Info

by Helpimagirl69 In reply to HELP ...Tried to make boo ...

The new drive was really only a newly partitioned area on the original drive and it doesn't give me an option as to which drive I want to boot off of apparently because the new partially cloned drive is in the 'boot from' position is there anyway to go into my system and do a quick system restore to before I did this from safemode with a command prompt? I was able to get it into safe mode but it wouldn't load the partial OS

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by Helpimagirl69 In reply to HELP ...Tried to make boo ...


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by Helpimagirl69 In reply to HELP ...Tried to make boo ...

If I set it to clone the entire drive and instruct it to put the cloned drive on an external HD with a bunch of other files ...will it erase those files in the process?

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Reponse To Answer

by Charles Bundy In reply to QUESTION:

Magic 8 ball says - chances are good... Depends on cloning software and methods available though. Most cloning software will give you the option of dumping bits to a file, in which case you would be OK and not mess up the external drive files.

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Hardware differences?

by Charles Bundy In reply to HELP ...Tried to make boo ...

If you are cloning from a computer different than your laptop, you want to make certain to load OS drivers for your laptop harddrive interface on the desktop. If you don't do this, your laptop will start to boot, but as soon as it tries to load OS drivers you will crash. (blue screen if OS is Windows)

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Try this

by sanwardak In reply to HELP ...Tried to make boo ...

If you want you can try to boot with live CD of ubuntu you dont have to install it, once you boot to the usbutu, then install easybcd which you can get it from here
This will recover your boot menu and you be able to boot to your C back.


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