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Help understand DNS name choice during NT4 to 2003 upgrade

By sostermann ·
Before anybody scolds me for not knowing what I am doing, please know that this scenerio is only being performed on a test network. :)

That being said, I am evaluating upgrading our very small and simple network from NT4 to 2003.

My scenerio:

1 NT4 DC
1 NT4 Member Server
1 W2K Member Server

1 Domain and 20 users.

Using an interim box, I installed NT4 as a BDC and promoted it to DC. Then I upgrade it to 2003.

Everything is going smoothly and I have ironed out some gotcha' in the process. My question is naming the Full DNS Name for the New Domain.

I have read through all the Tech notes and such but am still confused as to how to name it for our situation. I am going to go through some test scenarios in the lab setup but would really like to get some input from anyone that has some knowledge first.

We have a website that is hosted by a third party hosting compnay but we may want to host it ourself eventually. Our current domain name is not the same as our website domain.

Should the DNS name be or something like ?

Any insight is very much appreciated!

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Internal DNS Namespace

by BFilmFan In reply to Help understand DNS name ...

My advice is that internal DNS namespaces should NEVER be available to external clients. You should name append the external DNS namespace with .local.


External DNS namespace would be

Internal DNS namespace would be mycompany.local.

Servers which external clients need to reach should be in the DMZ and have the .com namespace.

A very good article on DNS planning is available at

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When I performed the upgrade to AD.

by faradhi In reply to Help understand DNS name ...

I used company.lan

Our website is

That way I did not have to register the name for internal use. I made it cleaner when configuring DNS. All .lan address are resolved by our internal DNS and all others are forwarded to an external server.

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