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help understand Norton Personal firewall

By tiza ·
Dear All, Iam having a crazy time trying to make head and tail of what is happening in my pc and can't and hope u guys with more experience may be willing to show me the way.
i was having problems with all sorts of malware and after advice from TR members decided to install a firewall. i installed a norton Personal Firewall and i am amazed at all the stuff try to get into my system. its like putting on special lenses and suddenly able to see all the strange beings that live around us. i went to event log& statistics viewer(firewall rules) to try and see what was happening, and was surprised to see that even though there are several trojans that are by default blocked from entering my pc, it always says passed along with a number like 2,3 etc. of course it indicates 0 on permitted and 0 on blocked. I also blocked internet optimizer.exe from accessing both TCP&UDP ports as it gave me lots of problems with unwanted redirections before. now what i found was that my browser cldn't access the net at all. after unblocking TCP and leaving UDP blocked, i was able to access the net but the event log indicates a lot of activity from this IO.exe. example:Rule "internet optimizer.exe" stealthed (,bootps);Rule "internet optimizer.exe" blocked (abs8,122. Details:
Inbound UDP packet.
cld someone please clarify what is happening. i wld be real grateful. thanks in advance

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by CG IT In reply to help understand Norton Pe ...

Internet optimizer.exe at first glance appears to be a program from your ISP to speed up downloads from a dial up connection. There are also 3rd party programs that claim to speed up downloads with dial up internet service. From your description of blocking that service and then no being able to access the internet, I would assume that the program is your ISP's program [is your ISP Earthlink dial up service with net optimizer?]. TCP/IP port 80 is the port for web browsing which your internet optimizer program uses to access the internet and Norton Firewall enable as active. Blocking this blocked port 80 and disallowed traffic.

Norton Personal Firewall has a program scanning and configuration wizard that sets program access automatically based upon known safe programs. It also blocks known unsafe programs such as trojans. I suggest that you update Norton Firewall using live update, then run the program access scan wizard and allow Norton to set program access.

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