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I bought my computer around a year and a half ago, and have been upgrading the parts bit by bit. At this point, I’ve upgraded everything in my machine other than two, My CPU and my motherboard. My build right now is a 1080 ti, 24 gigs ram, an m.2 boot ssd, a 2tb hard drive for more storage, an i5 7500, and an Asus b250h motherboard. I need to decide between two cpus for the upgrade. My first idea is to buy a 7700k, for this option I don’t need a new mobo as my current ones chipset would work for it. My other idea is to get an 8700k. It’s on sale right now, plus, it seems like in my opinion a much better CPU. The only reason I’m debating this is because I would need a new motherboard, which is both pricier, and would require me to reinstall windows and most of my stuff, which I have a lot of. So, do you guys think the extra price and work is worth it, or should I stick with the older model?

TL;DR I need to decide between the i7 7700k and the i7 8700k. With the 7700k I don’t need a new motherboard but with the 8700k I’d need to buy a new one, which means I’d have to reinstall everything, including windows. Is the extra money/work worth it, or should I stick with the older model?

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Buy i7 8700k and a new motherboard

by johnsmith90826 In reply to Help upgrading CPU

7700k is lagging behind. 8700k is right, the performance of multithreading is improved obviously. The default frequency is 38% higher than the previous generation i7 7700K, but the performance improvement of single thread is less than 5%.

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