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help upgrading offlease HP Vectra VL i8

By littlewoodhull ·
I purchased an off-lease HP Vectra model D7968T. Going to the HP site for upgrade information I find hard drives and memory costing hundreds of dollars for small GB's. I successfully added a 3 GB hard drive but I need more. What can I put into this system? Does hardware have to be from HP? Will other hard drives work? (HP specifies an Ultra ATA 66 IDC hard drive). This computer has Linux. I don't even know what that is or what it will do. I managed to add Windows XP home. It loaded into another partition, the basic partition holding what I believe is the HP computer's basic information. As a computer dummy I am stumped and don't want to purchase hardware that will not work with this computer. I need simple answers as I am no pro, just a tinkerer.

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by JamesRL In reply to help upgrading offlease ...

Tinkering is how you learn.

www.hp.com will have a lots of useful information.

You can put in another ATA drive - think of the HP spec as a minimum. You don't have to use the drive that HP Specifies. If you replace the existing drive, you will probably have to get the drivers for your model from HP in order to use all the features and functions - I suggest you download them on another computer and burn them to a CD before you replace the HD.

You might want to look at increasing the RAM as well. Again the HP website can tell you the spec, but you can use any manufacturers RAM. RAM is inexpensive, fairly straightforward to install, and increases your performance for fairly low cost. I recommend a minimum of 512 MB for Win XP.

Linux is an operating system, with many key similarities to Unix. You can run it in a different partition or not use it at all - your call.

I own an HP Pavillion, and it had the operating system sold with it on a hidden partition - if you have a sticker with a MS product key number on it, you have the right to install/reinstall that OS.

Hope that helps.


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by littlewoodhull In reply to help upgrading offlease ...

So may I put in any ATA hard drive? I see them listed as ATA 100, etc. (HP says ATA66 IDC) I know hard drives are sold as EIDE,( I don't know what IDC is) and so on, and since I am really in the dark here can I purchase any hard drive? Can one 512 MB RAM be installed or do I need 2 @ 256?. I thank you for getting this up and running. Affordable is the key for me.

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by JamesRL In reply to help upgrading offlease ...

I see after puttering around a limitation on the VL i8 - it will only see a drive of up to 65Gb due to a limitation in the BIOS.


From the manual you would have 2 DIMM slots for RAM and the max you can use is 512 - so I would go for 2x 256MB. 168 pin SDRAM (non ECC).

Here is an upgrade guide


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by wlbowers In reply to help upgrading offlease ...

Any IDE hard drive. You might have a bios limit on size to 60 gig. Anything smaller than that will not give you a problem.

You need to install 2 memory modules. So if you want 512. 2-256.


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