Help! Urgent

By dhonkalo_ ·
Hi everyone.i m new to this tech forum.i really liked your way of finding solutions to tech stuffs.anways about my prob lets say i hv a bucket full of probs.specially after i setup a firewall servr in my network.

My network has
1.main server (DHCP,DNS,AD)
2.Firewall server (ISA 2004 standard edition)
3.FIle server (connected to DHCP)

1- My main server and firewall server dsnt ping each other.BUt firewall can ping to router and server.Router had 2 NICs.One directly to router and another to main server.I hv installed ISA to firewall and also allowed a rule to allow all protocols bt stil it dsnt work.(but its funny dat b4 i installed ISa i connectd my firewall to router an server and dat time it ws going very smoothly.i mean it does ping but not any more after installing ISA.)

2- CLients can sometimes ping but oder times it says "Request timed out"..

3- My Main server event log has these error loggd. ( 5513, 1058, 1030).Mostly they consist of restoring trust relation from all clients to server and NETLOGON.

any help really appreciated.btw all my servers run Windows server 2003 and tehre is no station in my network who use any OS ealier than XP pro.

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Client Software setup needed maybe?

by In reply to Help! Urgent

I remember in SBS2000 that I had to setup a firewall client for desktops in an ISA environment. This software would allow desktops to communicate with and through the ISA server. I think it's called "Microsoft Proxy client" and should be available via a network-share on the ISA server.

If it exists maybe also install on your other server/s too (Research that though).

ISA can also stop you from pinging DNS servers on the net etc... but your internet still works.



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I ve' already tried it..

by dhonkalo_ In reply to Client Software setup nee ...

hey Russel..guess ur talkin abt teh "FIREWALL CLIENT" rite. well i already tried it but stil my server seems to give me the same error messages.

Could it be possible because of a loose connection somewhere in my network or do i hv to reinstall my server again ??


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Could be anything

by In reply to I ve' already tried it..

Try a different network cable, install another card is also an option (For testing).

This might be a stupid suggestion but also check to see if the inbuilt windows firewall is active. Also, if you have configured group policies, maybe a setting there?

If your ISA server can get to the net fine then don't spend time on that side of ISA, instead focus on the LAN side (Hardware ,Settings etc...).

Check connection limits too.

It's been a while since I last worked on one, but if all your hardware is testing ok then it's a setting or just a bad install.

LAst thing you can try is check out the following website with Forum:

They are dedicated to ISA issues and Suggestions.


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