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Help! Users w/ Admin access to Win2K?!

By Gina ·
I support a call center with approximately 80 PCs on a peer-to-peer network (no domain server). I am in the process of rolling out new PCs with Windows 2000. Suddenly, I have a manager who thinks the users all need to have administrator access to their systems. How do I educate this manager on this issue? I have not yet heard her reasons for giving admin access, I just want to be prepared when we have a meeting next week to discuss the issue. Thanks, in advance for any help!

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Help for Gina ~

by services In reply to Help! Users w/ Admin acc ...

Gina, Without knowing your manager's reasoning, which may be valid, even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then, I would have to say STOP THE INSANITY! Administrator rights are for, guess what? ADMINISTRATORS! Unless your manager wants to adopt a"You break it. You fix it" rule for all of your users this is a bad idea. I will sympathize with allowing 'powerusers' some extended authority over their machines. All it takes is one novice inside their registry to ruin your day and lose all of their files. This may be a cost your manager is not willing to accept responsibility for. Shoot your best shot and Good Luck to you.

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Help! Users w/ Admin access to Win2K?!

by carsten.holfelder In reply to Help! Users w/ Admin acc ...

80 PC's on a peer to peer network is a bit cazy as it become a nightmare to control. My suggestion is that you install a server where the users can save their data. You can then give them administrative rights only to their local workstations, not to the server. You can even control their local permissions with Policies. The advantage of the server is that the data is now central, control is easier and you onlt need to make backups of one server instead of multiple computers.

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Help! Users w/ Admin access to Win2K?!

by Gina In reply to Help! Users w/ Admin acce ...

You are correct. I would LOVE to be able to have a server. It would definately simplify things. Unfortunately, that choice is not up to me. I have purposed it, and been shot down (whole other story). We are a small department in a large companyand those choices are not entirely ours to make. I am used to operating in a server/client environment, and maybe that is why I am struggling with allowing admin access on all the PCs.

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Sometimes, Admin rights are needed

by abraxas21 In reply to Help! Users w/ Admin acce ...

I have found that users cannot even do a Defrag withot admin rights! I've even seen some instances where even if the user HAS admin rights, if they are not THE ADMINISTRATOR, the system will not allow them to load optional features like Templates toa system that already has the main software package (Word, ACCESS...)!!

It's driving us nuts! I'll let you know if we find a way to give users the rights and permissions they need to optimize their systems without giving them too much power to wreck the entire network.

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