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HELP using 2 NICS to connect DSL to LAN

By trinianouk ·
My network uses static ip addresses and I now have a DSL connection. The DSL connection uses a dish to connect to the ISP i.e. its wireless and has a built-in router.

I have a PC (XP PRO) with 2 NICS and a proxy server to share the internet connection.
Setup is as follows:
NIC 1 LAN - Ip, Gateway, DNS
NIC 2 DSL IP Gateway
DNS Prim
DNS Alter
Proxy IP address:

The connection works fine for a few hours, but then the DSL connection stops working intermittently.Its like all of a sudden the PC doesn't know whwhere to route the packets or which NIC to use.

If i do a repair on that connection it works...then it may stop again during the day.
When it stops the status says connected on both connections and I can ping the router on the dish, however the web pages won't show up..until I do a repair or disable then enable the DSL connection.
The LAN 1 connection works fine throught.

Is something wrong with met TCP/IP setup??? I can see the clients trying to access web pages on the proxy server...but they wont show up in the browser. My ISP says its my setup thats the problem...

Please help!


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by CG IT In reply to HELP using 2 NICS to conn ...

if you have a router, why are you using a proxy? [which proxy server are you using?]

If you have a router, dont use the ICS wizard. You also don't need to multihome a box. What you need is a switch.

ISP >router>4/8/12/24/port switch. Comps on the lan use a port on the switch. TCP/IP is a private address scheme [easiest is subnet mask, default gateway is the router LAN IP address [which is the same subnet as

DNS servers are the ISP DNS servers.

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by Chorito In reply to HELP using 2 NICS to conn ...

DSL...?? Do you have Satellite Internet access..?

For DSL connectoins try the Linksys EtherFast Cable DSL Firewall Router... very easy to setup and provides firewall protection.

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by trinianouk In reply to HELP using 2 NICS to conn ...

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