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    Help using toning equipment


    by glenn ·

    Hello, just acquired a tone & probe kit. The toner has only a rj11 pigtail and a pair of clips. I wish to trace cat5 via the rj45 port. I have used other toning equipment and simply plugged the rj11 pigtail into the rj45 and toned w/success however, this particular brand does not send a tone when similarly hooked up. What can I do?

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      Shorts or active

      by john ·

      In reply to Help using toning equipment

      If your tone generator is not sending a tone across the wire, you either have a short in the 4/5 pair at the jack or your cable is connected to a device at the far end (which will kill the tone)

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        can you hear tone with the probe

        by jacklangston ·

        In reply to Shorts or active

        if you hear tone from the tone generator
        ok . If the tone quits when you plug your cord
        in try using and adaptor to put the tone on
        your cable with the clips and use one side to
        gound you can with the proper adapter find a set
        of wires you can chase the tone with the probe.
        I am busy at the moment or I would provide a little more detail. good luck Jack

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      RJ11 to RJ45

      by neil-morris ·

      In reply to Help using toning equipment

      If your tone has an RJ11 and you wish to plug it into an RJ45 to trace cables I’ve put together a simple adapter to help. I just took a 4 pair wire can crimped it to a RJ45 end (just like a patch cord) and then punched the other end to a RJ11 jack, putting the orange wires (1st pair on the patch cord end) to the blue pair (middle) of the RJ11 jack. The tone is generally put onto this pair. That way I just plug my tone into the RJ11 on the adapter, and the adapter into the RJ45 in the wall. Then I have my tone on the orange pair at the patch panel, which is used for network connectivity. Adapter is only about 3″ long, and makes life a little easier. All it takes is a RH45 end, a few inch of wire, and a RJ11 jack.

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