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HELP! Virus killing my computer

By mhansen ·
I purchased a dell laptop 1800 (i believe). My wife uses it to pay bills online and we discovered we now have a virus. What happens is, we log on then as soon as we try to click on a link or enter a website we get a window that says "not enough memory on your hard drive) then if you close the window you get booted off the internet.I've run Symantic and other disk cleaning programs on the computer and it always find stuff and kills them but sure enough, when you try to get back onto the internet the same thing happens.
I am hoping this is an easy fix and that someone here knows how to fix this problem.

Thanks in advance.

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Is this Win XP?

by Oz_Media In reply to HELP! Virus killing my c ...

I would assume you are running Windows Xp (you mention it beig new).

In order for any antivirus or spyware removal tools to work properly with XP you need to disable the system restore feature, otherwise it simply restores the infected file upon reboot.

Go to START>CONTROL>PANEL>open the SYSTEM icon and then select the advanced tab. Inder startup and recovery settings, click the SETTINGS button and you will need to ucheck the box beside 'automatically restart' in the System failure section.

Run a good antivirus tool that has teh latest update. If you ned a good tool, AVG FREE edition is one of the best, it will cause less hangs and errors than Norton or MacAfee and is fee.

You should also scan for Sypwae on a regular basis, a great free spyware removal tool is ADAWARE:

This will keep your internet browser from hanign and slowing due to ads and sharing yuor surfing information with advertisers. Run it regularly !!

Best of luck, if you still have problems, try and describe WHAT virus you have or what is detected.

For future reference, the quickest place to get technical questions answered is in the Technical Q&A section, you will get far more responses there and much quicker than the discussion forum.

Again, good luck, post your results back if you ned more help.

Also, make sure you reenable SYSTEM restore by rechecking the box described above. You should make sure you have the latest security patches from Microsoft and your Browsers internet security settings are setup if you are using cards online.

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by mhansen In reply to Is this Win XP?

Thanks for the reply. I did not disable the system restore and thats probably my problem. I am going to try it now.

Thanks again for your help!

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Yes, AVG and Ad-Aware... but get a firewall, too, and latest patches

by DelbertPGH In reply to Is this Win XP?

I've used both Grisoft's AVG and Lavasoft's Ad-Aware, and they have been fine.

You should also get a firewall, which makes it harder for cruds to see through your network and pick at your machine with common IP tools. Probably your household wireless network box (if you have one) has got a firewall built in. Make sure it's activated.

Go to Microsoft's site and download Service Pack 2, and anything else Microsoft wants your computer to have (assuming you are running XP.) Mr. Bill's operating system has a lot of obvious holes, and SP2 patches a bunch of them. You will need a high-speed connection, though. SP2 is huge, and took me over an hour on a DSL line.

SP2 also includes a firewall that runs inside your PC, if you activate it. You can also download a free firewall from or These will help keep your PC safe when you take it on the road, and expose it to other networks.

Also, try to avoid joke and porn and free junk sites. I think some of these places make all their money by tricking people in so they can force adware down your machine. All you have to do is connect to a site, and wham! you get three complete spy systems slammed into your machine, with hundreds of supporting files. Happened to me, trying to find some good dirty jokes. Ha Ha.

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And if nothing else works, there is the neutron bomb approach

by DelbertPGH In reply to Is this Win XP?

My son-in-law managed to get something in my wife's new computer while he was going through job websites. It prevented the power save features from working, and kept taking up more and more memory and making the machine run slower, until it had to be rebooted. Time after time.

I did everything I could, spent hours and hours, and finally said the **** with it. The machine was brand new, had few files on it. So I made a backup CD copy of all the document files she had created, and then loaded up my system restore CD. "System restore" is a misnomer. It doesn't restore anything. It wipes the whole machine 100% clean and installs a fresh copy of the operating system.

After doing that, there was no virus. I spent the next 8 hours downloading AVG and Ad-Aware and about two dozen patches from Microsoft, including SP2. Then I reinstalled my Microsoft Office CD and copied all my wife's files back into My Documents. I've had no trouble since then.

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by mhansen In reply to And if nothing else works ...

Thanks Delbert. Thats exactly what I will be doing this weekend.

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I do that every now and then

by Oz_Media In reply to And if nothing else works ...

Sometimes you just get bored and tired with the "BUILD" you have. I do a quick restore and start with the basics, Adaware, AVG etc. then basic patches,manufacterer driver updates etc.

It keeps you busy for an afternoon or Sunday morning and you get to build all over again.

I find each time, after about 6 months, I have a bunch of different software,some new start menu groups (I like grouping the start menus and getting it down to one tier so there's no verticle scrolling). I speed up the menu speed to '0' milliseconds to get that 'pop' feeling and a bunch of other little tweaks based on the OS.

Yup, rebuilding can be fun, it's like redesigning your living room or workshop, it's always different, you may have new shelves, different furniture and even a different view and color scheme.

Yeah, that's it it is like being an artist (or Forrest Gump) you just never know what you're gonna get!

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by voldar In reply to HELP! Virus killing my c ...


and if your wife is doing the payments online, try also a program to stop the free

Hope you will come with good news

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Try to unstall Antivirus and Instal again it

by yamanand_t In reply to HELP! Virus killing my c ...

Just uninstall antivirus and again installed while installation time it will ask you to scan computer so that you just scan your computer
thats all
try on that

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try this...

by yornthadude In reply to HELP! Virus killing my c ...

goto "this computer" and right click then goto properties and open the performance tab. check how memory usage is dividid. if your not formiliar with this set it to being controlled by windows and just check your local hard disk for enough free space.

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