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Help w/BNI infomercial for IT Consultant

By mcleanit ·
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I've been a member of a BNI networking group for 10 months and it's worked out fairly well in kickstarting my IT consulting business. I have a long list of certifications and years of experience in everything ranging from PC repair to database administration, web application development, virtualization, and security.

I struggle to find a unifying "60 second presentation" that really captures the service I (and those like me) provide to businesses. I mean sure I can get into some pretty compelling examples, but only fellow IT pros would understand the implications.

Does anyone have a great infomercial style or formula that they use that seems to really nail it?

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With this one

by santeewelding In reply to Help w/BNI infomercial fo ...

You don't need to skulk about in the Water Closet looking behind your back. Your quest and your question are entirely and pressingly legitimate. I suggest you throw it out to the IT world in its entirety via the main Discussions page. Or, if you still hide in a corner, to Questions.

Whichever you choose, Water Cooler included, I further suggest that "only fellow IT pros would understand the implications" may be wrong-headed.

You may benefit from any other than a "fellow IT" pro; certainly, of course, familiar with IT -- but expert unlike as you admit with the full range of a public relations skillset.

In other words, you are looking for a mouth.

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by AnsuGisalas In reply to With this one

there is preformed opinion, a la SEO...

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There isn't any single "best package"

by Tigger_Two In reply to Help w/BNI infomercial fo ...

Your best approach is to identify your consultancy's "sweet spots" and distill from there. What are your top five competencies?

It sounds to me like you are a true "Generalist". That doesn't mean that you can't clearly express what your consultancy does, just that you have to be clear.

For instance:

"General consultancy providing expertise from infrastructure to data management to project management. Former satisfied clients include (whomever but make sure that they are okay with you using their name).

Another approach might be the EDS "Herding Cats" theme. "Capable of solving all your IT problems" for instance.

Yet another approach would be to narrow your scope to the things you do rock star well- "Specializing in networks and connectivity" for instance.

The best advice I ever got was to write it on a business card. If you can't make it fit, you are getting too granular for the audience. A quick presentation of what you and your consultancy does should be 50,000 foot level. Only narrow the focus when you are tailoring a specific presentation to a specific business.

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