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Help w/ firewalls?

By nixer ·

I was hoping someone could shed some light on firewalls for me.

I have a small home network. I have a dsl modem and a d-link router currently working.
I have been considering putting in a extra pc as a firewall (just for fun) and was curious how this is supposed to work.

The router is set up as the dhcp server so my network receives ip addresses from it. But if I install the firewall (i think this is correct?) it will be between the modem and the router. Do I set the firewall up as the dhcp serer then? If i do will itbe able to send IP addresses to pc attached to the router or should i assign static ones.


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The more the better

by TheChas In reply to Help w/ firewalls?

The more firewalls between you and the web, the harder it is for someone to get through to your PCs.

For a small home network, a separate PC running a software firewall is less than ideal.

For the optimum home protection, you might want consider the following:

Install a hardware firewall between the DSL modem, and the router.

Install, and configure for strong security software firewalls on each PC.

Zone Alarm from Zone Labs has received praise for being among the best software firewalls.
It is a little harder to configure than the more commercial packages though.


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Check capabilities of existing hardware

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Help w/ firewalls?

Check the full capabilities of your existing hardware as most DSl modems have basic firewall services built in (not all but most), ditto with Network Address Translation (NAT) services. Some routers also come with some basic firewall and NAT capabilities.

Best to set up the firewall between as you have indicated and if not using NAT anywhere else see if you can include this service, provides an extra layer of protection to your network. Use the router for the dhcp it should be seperate from the firewall. use static addresses for the modem, the firewall and the router connection to the firewall.

In the firewall close off all ports that you are not using and set the active ones to require activation from inside the network and refuse the Internet requests.

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