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Help wanted to identify 3D animation software

By Deadly Ernest ·
OK people, I'm seeking some recommendations on 3D animation software, for use with LINUX (forget Whinedoze) that'll work on a 64 bit system. I don't care if I have to pay for it, as long as it works.

Please tell me of the programs that you know about and recommend, also if you know something is garbage - then I can avoid it.

Yes I placed it here and not Q&A, because I figure they're are several answers, not a single specific answer

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I don't know if this is 3D or not. Maybe you've tried it

by OnTheRopes In reply to Help wanted to identify 3 ...

If you have used it I'd appreciate a little feedback on it.

Specifically: GAP (the GIMP Animation Package) for 2.2 available at:

I just downloaded it today and haven't installed it so I don't know what it's all about Alfie.

I know there are several commercial versions of animation software for Linux but they're not on my list of my needs, wants and desires yet so I haven't pursued any more info.

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I've heard of Maya and Soft Image

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Help wanted to identify 3 ...

It's pretty popular among Hollywood studios and places like Pixar use it.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Help wanted to identify 3 ...

For complete wireframe and rendering, if they make a 'nix version. I've always run it on a Windoze server, mainly for rendering in less than two weeks. :)
VERY EXPENSIVE, VERY !!!! Was 16K, butI got a deal on a license. Even then it still costs a mint.

For simple preformatted extrusions etc. Try ULEAD products, you can even get a FLASH plugin to convert straight to FLASH.

One you learn to draw with the vector tool, and how to build objects from multiple graphics/blocks (kind like working shapes in Flash) it's actually quite versatile, I used it for quite a few years for full 3D drawing and rendering.

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Hmm, I'm prepared to pay but $16K is a bit much, especially

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Maya

when US$16K would normally come out about A$30K, by the time they convert it and shift it over.

I did have a limited time copy of 3D Max which I got to work on a Wine/Linux set up, but very chunky and slow, and refused to work on 64 bit in Linux or Whindoze.

Preferrd price is nil, a few hundred, even a few A$K for a very good one, but $16K is too much.

Thanks for the tip, anyway.

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hey DE,

by Jaqui In reply to Help wanted to identify 3 ...

I have to recommend you stay away from the FOSS 3D tools, they are not yet developed enough to be concidered production quality.

Blender, a FOSS 3D modelling, rendering and game engine tool is concidered by many to be an excellent tool.

Soft Image XSI, around 6 grand, professional prorietary software used in the entertainment industry, available for most operating systems, limited distros of linux. A very important note, you have to be useing a supported distro or it will not work.

Maya, used to be owned by Alias, Autodesk bought them out and is currently making the Linux port hard to get from resellers. it is also now in the 6 grand price range

Wings 3D, a FOSS tool that is also quite well spoken of. This is only a modelling tool, no rendering or animation tools for it.

The reason I say that even Blender and Wings are not really great options is that they are much harder to use than the commercial software.

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Thanks for the information

by Deadly Ernest In reply to hey DE,

What I'm after is something to do some cartoon animation, don't care if it's as good as what they make the Pixar movies out of (would love it, if it is) but it has to be way better than what they use for stuff like Simpsons, etc, I want more the 3D games type level of quality or better.

Had a look at the Maya Complete, on recommend by another post, seems good, but can't get an Aust $ price, the USA ons seems to eb about US$2K now, and thats about the limit I'm prepared to go.

I'm currently using SimplyMEPIS, it's a Debian derivative and fully compatible with Ubuntu Dapper - Maya is only for FC 5, SUSE 10 and similar, may have to try SUSE 10 if I can't find anything else.

I'm hoping someone out there knows what I want. This is a new field for me and I want to learn how to do this stuff for my own fun.

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with what you said

by Jaqui In reply to Thanks for the informatio ...

blender is actually a viable option.

the "box modelling" mthod it uses is great for creating both Pixar like and game like models.
and it is a game generator, so creating game like animations is simple with it.

I do know that a lot of game models and animations are done with either 3D Studio Max or Gmax, both from Discreet / Autodesk.
Gmax being a game oriented version of 3D Studio Max.

the problem is, both are 100% windows only.
[ built using the IE interface. ]
and don't bother trying to run a windows modeller / animation package in linux, they don't work with wine or crossover office.
I know a lot of people who use 3D software both for hobby and for work, they can't use their favorite apps in linux so they won't even try linux.

free online community sites for 3d graphics are a great resourse for general information.

a good google keyword for most of them is poser. [ Curious Labs 3d graphics application "Poser", some video only animation ability, but basically, digital barbie dolls. ]

McNeel and Associates make a great NURBS modeller, called Rhinoceros, but again, it is windows only.

I have heard of another commercial 3D modelling and rendering tool for linux, but the only price I have ever heard for it was 10 grand... us. Which is why I haven't suggested using NUKE

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Look at Blender

by robin In reply to Help wanted to identify 3 ...

Go to and down load blender this is a very good 3d animation program.
this is open source Just fantastic

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look at

by Dumphrey In reply to Help wanted to identify 3 ...

Ac3d is another 3D modeling program. Opens and handels a ton o files as import or export. Not as fully functional as maya or Blender, but still usable. Price is $70ish, so it wont break the bank.

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Poser 3D is another package..only $249.99

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Help wanted to identify 3 ...

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