Help!! What do I need a chrome book or a laptop?

By Georgiaolivia ·
Hello I’m hoping you knowledgeable people can help me, this may sound like a stupid question to some, I need to buy a laptop to do some course work on I need to download a file from an email and then fill the sheet out on the laptop and email it back, do chrome books have the right software to run word and pdf files or do I need a laptop

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While we have Chromebooks at the office.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Help!! What do I need a c ...

And with some effort I can work "sheets" your post left out exactly what these files are.

Now if I consider Microsoft 365 then sure, yes you can for about 100 bucks a year.

Read to see the Chromebook is supported.

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Re: chromebook

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Help!! What do I need a c ...

- That might depend on what the "file" is and what the "sheet" is. Might be a spreadsheet.
- Word files and pdf files aren't run, but are opened.
- All pdf-files can be read (with a pdf-reader or a browser), but some pdf-files can be updated by filling in fields and save it again.

Anyway there is no need to buy Office 365. For basic functionality the version that runs in a browser is fine: although you need a Microsoft account.

Just filling in a form might very well be possible on your smartphone with the right app. If you already have a smartphone that's certainly cheaper than buying a chromebook or a laptop.

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by Georgiaolivia In reply to Re: chromebook

It’s a pdf file that I need to download and fill out I have tried on my phone but it won’t work. I was hoping to be able to buy a chromebook as it’s cheaper than a laptop but did not know if chromebooks can use pdf viewer or Microsoft word

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I can test this for you.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Chromebook

Give me a link to an example PDF for me to try to fill out.

Also: tells me that Chromebooks have done this for years.

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