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By rgrBen ·
I never have username, psw activated on this,win2000 pc i have, but today, it just stop during bootup with this message:
"System could not log you on. Make sure username & domain are correct, then type your psw again.Letter in psw must be typed using the correct case. Make sure that caps lock is not accidentally on". Options are- OK ,shutdown, options..When options is clicked it goes to same username and psw and only ok option.
I did F2 on reboot to check supervisor and user security settings. There is no user, or supervisor psw selected ( unavailable )!

The only thing i did today was scan/installed that AdwareSelect? antispyware program and then deinstalled it when I can't proceed to remove 20 spywares without signing up for $20 charge on it. I ran my Ad-aware antispyware program to see if it compare with that first one and it caught 10 only spywares.. that's it.. but now i can't complete boot-up with that message always.
Can that Adware??(cant remember other part of this software as i cant check from desktop pc. Im using now my laptop to send this thread,sorry!

Has anyone encounter this problem?..what do i do?to get passed this message? please help anyone!

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Being Hosed

by BFilmFan In reply to HELP! WINDOWS 2000 ASKING ...

I sounds as if the system thinks it is in a domain or it has more than spyware installed on it.

Sounds like there has been a BIOS password set.

And no, that isn't AdAware doing it.

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I typed in "Administrator" with no password and it worked!

by wakinghrs In reply to Being Hosed

Bizzarre! Hope this helps!

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If you post to the Technical Question & Answer forum, ...

by deepsand In reply to HELP! WINDOWS 2000 ASKING ...

which is where this properly belongs, you may stand a better chance of getting noticed by those who are specifically seeking to provide assistance.

And, no, as BFF said, AdAware did not cause this problem. By the way, they do offer a completely free version. It's available at

You might also try using SpyBot Search & Destroy, available for free at

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by rgrBen In reply to If you post to the Techni ...

Ok, I will try that technical Q & A forum,,i will post same problem there. U'r right I need clue and tips where to begin here, so I can use my desktop again where I have all my important files I use daily.

BTW, the Adware"something" program I refer to is different than the Ad-aware program from Lavasoft..I do have that and also Spybot&Destroy..those 2 are the ones I always ran to catch those spywares, and for some reason I got into this website called ', and search for the best spywares and that adware'something'(notice no dash after adware) was no.2 on their list.. I got to try this one,, suspecting this is different from the Ad-aware personal from

I just mentioned it could be the cause, due to the fact that thats the only thing i differently did that night, from my continous daily Net surfing for 1 year now, and never have i been asked to enter username and psw..that's why i dont know how i will proceed to guess any username and psw!. I did go to Bios using F2 as option during bootup, so i can checked psw setting for supervisor and user,separately each time. I tried both with user name and psw and still it gets that error i can't get by. Then I removed supervisor and user psw settings(unavailable,not use) and it remain the same with that problem. So then where do I go from here?

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A few different ideas

by zrow0ne In reply to HELP! WINDOWS 2000 ASKING ...

When the computer gives you the error message click ok then type Administrator where it says username and leave the password blank. If you never put a password on the computer theres a good chance you can login with that. If that fails try Guest for the login with no password. As a last resort, insert the windows 2000 cd and restart the computer (make sure to set the bios to boot from the cd). Then choose the "Repair" option from the menu. This will reinstall windows and revert to all the default settings. Any system files that are missing or corrupt will be reinstalled. Hope this helps!

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by rgrBen In reply to A few different ideas

Did Administrator without psw it went in but did'nt have all my desktop icons.
Tried Guest and it says it was suspended, then tried couple of my usual user name and one of them ( R69 ) WITHOUT PASSWORD LET ME THRU !

Since I started using win2000/professional I didnt elect to have username & psw. Not sure what
make it decide to do it this time, weird, and I didnt try a combination of username without psw!

It was so simple hehe, THANKS zrowOne, U'r first suggestion was the last thing i did last nite, 3am & so relieved jump to bed smiling & woke up posting this special note for you. Appreciate it, now I can post payments to all my personal vendor transactions :)

What I need to find out is how I will get that username permanently typed in there so I dont get that message everytime I boot up. Something must have changed in the system to cause this log-in problem.

KUDOS zrowONE !!

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What has changed

by zlitocook In reply to BINGO, "ZROWED ONE IN", ...

I would back up and run everything suggested Spybot search and destroy, Adaware SE, Stinger. Delete all temp files, open IE, tools, Internet options, delete cookies, and delete files and clear history. Run those programs a second time.
There are so many ways that a computer can be infected, taken over or just be a pain I use cleaners and back up alot.
Just because I am paranoid dose not mean someone is not after me:)

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To keep the PW

by w2ktechman In reply to What has changed

download tweakui and set it to auto logon with the preferred account.
Note, this is not recommended, but it does work fine

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Users & Passwords option

by Firedrake In reply to BINGO, "ZROWED ONE IN", ...

Go into Control Panel / Users & Passwords, and be sure the box that says, "Users must enter a password..." is NOT checked!

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