Help Windows disabled microphone

By stingraype ·
Like the title said windows disabled my microphone in the control sound panel, the first thing i do was to install-reinstall the lastest version of my drivers (realtek one), then i enabled the microphone but the sound was disabled and i can't changed it, i dunno why.

Here i post some pics, so you can see the bar of the volume is "trasparent" so i can't move it.

My pc is a notebook : Acer Aspire 5024 wlmi
Audio Driver : Realtek

Im sorry for my english, thank you anyway.

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Is this a Realtek 97 by any chance?

by gadgetgirl In reply to Help Windows disabled mic ...

If it is, I've had problems like this before, but in a Packard Bell notebook.

The images are too small to make out detail, but I'll tell you a few things that worked for me...

1. Find an external microphone, plug that in, and adjust the mic to pick up on "line out". Do a test record, then set back to inbuilt microphone (this works a few times, but not all the time) For some reason, the option to enable the internal microphone returns.

2. Check on the Realtek site for drivers - there IS an updated one for the 97 card, but you need to hunt the site for it. It's a small, incremental change, but it worked for me, as the problem has now stopped recurring.

3. If neither of these work, check the socket into which you would plug an external microphone. I had a problem where something had actually fallen into the socket, fooling the machine and windows into thinking that there was an external microphone permanently plugged in.

Hope these help - let me know how you get on!


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External microphone

by stingraype In reply to Is this a Realtek 97 by a ...

My problem is with a external microphone

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Is not a hardware problem,

by stingraype In reply to Help Windows disabled mic ...

Yes is realtek97.
Is a strange problem, i try mi microphone in other pc and works very well. I try another microphone on my notebook and have the same problem.
But if if talk very close of the head of the microphone(not from a side, just in from) where it have the "holes", windows register the sound.
So i think windows change the input volume to almost 0.

But i change the volume to the maximun and is the same

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by gadgetgirl In reply to Is not a hardware problem ...

I think I know what's happening!

If you have an inbuilt mic in the notebook, that is what is using the "microphone" section in the volume control in Windows.

As you're using an external mic, you need to plug it in, then click on the box for "Line In" - which should be second from the right; the first on the right should be the "Microphone" which is already being used by the internal mic.

You should be able to see the volume levels change as you talk into the external mic, which should enable you to adjust the volume.

Let me know if this works!


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