Help Windows Internet explorer cannot display webpage.

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First off I have a Compaq prespario C700 Notebook. I have just bought this computer, and I like many americans have had the misfortune of recieving the newest and best piece of crap operating system of Miscrosoft, Vista. A system that has rendered my otherwise very powerful computer to a large paperweight, but I abstain.

Recently I have found that my internet explorer is unable to connect or display webpages. I am right now using firefox, which it and all other internet servers work perfectly on my computer. I have tried everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Go to the Microsoft troubleshooting page listed here ( and rest assured that I have done every single thing, with the exception if reformatting my computer. (Which loss of IE is a kind of frivolous reason to do so.) I have even tried things not on the list, such as upgrading to IE8. Undeterred, the problem persists.

Now understand that there is nothing I would rather do than just use firefox for the rest of my days, I love firefox, it is safer and more reliable. However because programs such as City of Heroes (I new game I have bought and yet to play because of this) and other applications cannot run without Internet Explorer. So please, for the love of whatever you believe in, help me.

At My Wits End.

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Well there are a couple of options available to you here

by OH Smeg In reply to Help Windows Internet exp ...

As HP supply XP Drivers for this model you could **** away Vista and wipe the HDD then install XP and then the required drivers that you'll need to download from HP's Web Site here.

If you want to stick with Vista you'll need to modify your NB and add more RAM. HP like all NB Makers doesn't fit the correct amount of RAM as that adds to the cost so they only fit the minimum possible to sort of work right. As you have a Dual Chanel RAM M'Board you really need two sticks of RAM Fitted which are identical in size, speed and maker. I would suggest that you go out and buy 2 sticks of RAM and fit these to your system and remove the one currently fitted. Ideally you should buy at least 2 X 1 GIG Sticks and more if your NB will take it.

As for Infernal Exploder 7 this is a very common problem and happens quite a lot it's a M$ issue no matter what they claim and if repeatedly clicking on the Refresh button fails to load the page you'll have to go into the Security Settings and lower the Security down all the way to nothing and allow the system to collect Cookies and so on.

Currently since I've installed SP3 for XP I have started using IE7 on this computer and it regularly fails to load Web Pages from M$ claiming that they are insecure which is good for a laugh but rather annoying none the less. I find that lowering the security settings all the way down and constantly refreshing the Undisplayed Page generally sorts the problem.

I can not be bothered reinstalling XP just for this issue either and I only tried IE7 to see if it was possible to cure a IE6 issue that had cropped up since the last Service Pack was installed.

AS for the game contact the maker and see if they have a Patch for Firefox or as HP is the OEM Provider of M$ Product you can get onto them for a solution they have to support the M$ Product that they sell and if they are unable to you do have a case for either a refund or replacement system. Just make sure that you have backed up everything before contacting them as their first reaction is to **** away the install and place a new one on the drive then start to look for problems.


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