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    I just recently received my Dell laptop in the mail. Along with it was a Netgear wireless router. I am not computer savy. How do I get wireless internet? Do I need to get a modem? I don’t have a PC at home, this is my first computer. I also don’t have telephone service. But I do have cable. Should I get service with them? Where do I get a modem? Do I need one? Please help me?!

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      Your Cable Supplier can supply the Internet & Modem

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      When this is setup you can then connect the Cable Modem to the Router and directly with a CAT5 cable connect the NB to the Router to setup the router.

      To do this all that should be required is to enter a HTTP address and then the User Name & Password on the Router so that it works with your Cable Modem and at the same time enable both the WiFi access and the WiFi Security so you are not an open source of a WiFi access point that anyone within 500 yards can use to steal your Internet Connection.

      The Router should have a Instruction Manual in a PDF File on the CD that comes with it and this is all you should use the CD for to access the PDF File for the Instruction Manual. You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader for this and that should be on the CD as well.

      Once you have the router configered and working you can OK the changes that you have made allow it to reboot and then once you have checked that’s it working via the supplied cable disconnect the CAT5 Cable and go about setting up your WiFi Connection which should have Instructions in the Dell Manual.


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