help with a graphic

By reneenorman ·
Hi, i hired someone for graphics, and now I have run across the same graphic that this person states she designed, It can up with a link into tech it is a poodle that says on it rain poodle. i need to find the artist of the graphic as it is on my site and I beleive it is there illegally...
if you google rain poodle for images it comes up someone please advise me on this./

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Degrees of difference

by Tig2 In reply to help with a graphic

Your "artist" may have pulled the image from the public domain or may have changed the original sufficiently to have qualified as a new work. Without seeing both images side by side, it is difficult to be certain.

I doubt, however, that you are in any hot water. You paid an artist to develop an image for you and you did so legally. If the other image is available on the web without a copyright notation, there COULD be some discussion but not much.

If the image on the web was intended to be protected, it would have been. Legally you should be fine.

From another view, I don't know that I would continue to do business with the artist you paid.

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The artist only took out

by reneenorman In reply to Degrees of difference

background and added it to a layer. So i am not sure what all she has done or where she got it from, i am seeing it on coin purses too. I am going to get my site redesigned not using the graphics. She stated I have 48 hours to give her credits to all the graphics, which some were mine and I refuse. I am so over this shaddy person its unreal, After I hired her and she messed up my entire site i had to repay someone else to redsign it and clean up the html, she got mad over that. Its such a shame people have to be that way, we never had a TOS either... so should I leagally give her credits for a design she stole or what? My site is www.petpartyplace.com

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I found where it was purchased

by reneenorman In reply to The artist only took out

and it clearly states that it can not be altered in anyway whatsoever... and my graphiocs person did

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