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Help with a Network & allowing p2p files

By Ms. Teacher ·
Ok. I know this may sound a little strange, but I need some help. I am a teacher (K- who has recently acquired a computer system as the new computer teacher. I am one of those people who know enough to be dangerous, but not enough to actually take care of some major problems. I know quite a bit about computers to teach the kids, but need help with the network.
Here's my problem: The old administrator set up the network to NOT allow sharing of files. The new principle wants to be able to share files, so he can be up to date on grades, lesson plans, etc. I need to be able to allow our network to share files, but am not quite sure how to do this. How do I allow the sharing of P2P files? Help!

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Need more info..

by LadyIguana In reply to Help with a Network & all ...

What operating system do you have? If you click on the start button and look on the left hand side, it should say what the operating system is. (Windows 98,ME, 2000) For a quick fix, I'll assume you have Windows 98-
Right click on Network neighborhood, click properties. At the bottom of the screen it should say 'File & Print Sharing' - click that button. Check or uncheck the appropriate buttons here to enable file/print sharing. Reboot, then right click on the folder you which to share and click sharing. Name it and you should see a hand holding the left hand side of the folder indicating it is shared.

Hopefully this helps and I didnt miss anything - if you have a different OS, it will be a little different.

Good luck

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by djent In reply to Help with a Network & all ...

before you start sharing files you should get a backup and recovery utility. Also consider using a machine with NT4, Win2K or other OS with decent security abilities as a server. Win9x has no security and will be shredded by anyone that wishesa to do so or doesn't know better. Many senenth and eighth graders can hack through an open network like a gasoline fire.

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Sorry here's some info.

by Ms. Teacher In reply to Help with a Network & all ...

Most of the computers are using Win ME. Some of the office staff have Win XP. As for the first suggestion, I thought I had tried something similar to it, BUT I still couldn't get it to work. After some deep thought I brought in my laptop (Win XP)& clicked on the file sharing to allow it. I am able to share files at home (using a 56K), BUT if I try to do it at school, I don't get anything. Any more ideas?

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What can you do?

by MC_User In reply to Sorry here's some info.

If you are not file sharing right now, what is the pupose of network do you have? Are you able to access each other's PC in some way? What do you do when you link up? What kind of server do you have? (NT/2000/Novell?)

If I read your last e-mail correctly you said that you were able to dial-in (to what?, a server or another PC?) and then share files off of your hard disk. If it was a direct link to another PC at school then this points the finger at a server configuration problem.

I also want to tell you about a resource for teachers that may help you. It is called TechCorps.
It is a non-profit group that works to help educate and support teachers. They want to connect technicians with teachers in a kind of mentoring program.

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by djent In reply to Help with a Network & all ...

What you seem to want is a local area network (LAN). For each PC you will need LAN interface cards (NICs), Windows networking installed, matching network protocols configured, user names and passwords, file sharing enabled, LAN cables and hub beforeyou can get connections. You then need to do some reading on MS networking so you understand the why and how of networking. If this all sounds like it is to much, hire a technician to provide equipment and set it up for you. You will still need to know the how and why to use the net and prevent corruption of all machines on the net. Networking is not as simple as MS says it is and there are many pitfalls. It sounds like you need help, if you do this for the school and have problems you will be the goat. Consider if that is a position you want, if not tell the principal you are not a network tech and he should find one to do this.

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I agree... see more...

by ghstinshll In reply to networking

Note that your school district should have a technician to do this kind of work, so they should be the ones to do it. In order for a school to share files, security is of MAJOR importance, with the ability to share being a perk gained from having a secure network first. Your principal has given you too much responsibility to handle on the fly and you should consult with the district tech or consultant for your resource. Sharing grades should not be taken lightly, and he seems to not understand this when it comes to technology. That's ok, but he needs to be told.

If a school wants to have a network they need a secure server (via Windows NT or Windows 2000, 2000 is better) so that it is a central place for people to store files. You may be able to get a folder set up for you to use on a district server or have someone else help you set one up for your school.

Feel free to contact me about guiding through this...

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