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Help with a really weird booting issue.

By Trinix ·
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A while ago I bought some parts from and built my computer and installed the software and everything worked fine. I thought it worked fine but I discovered a weird booting issue where after several hours (like 6 hours) of the computer being off and I tried turning it back on everything would turn on except for booting. I would press the reset button and voila! The computer turns on. A friend of mine told me that it was the motherboard so I requested a replacement. I installed the replacement and I still have the same issue. The computer turns on only after a couple of hours being off.

Later, I asked a question on TechRepublic and a few members told me that my power supply might be bad because of some malfunction with one of the transistors inside.

I bought and installed the new power supply and I'm having an even more frustratingly weird booting issue similar to what I had in the beginning.

when I say "experience the above" I mean where everything turns on except for booting the HD and I have to press 'reset' to boot the computer.
Now, my computer sometimes experiences the above . I've noticed that after some windows update or some software update (like a driver or something) and it needs to restart for changes to take affect the computer experiences the above. If I wait like 10 hours without turning it on it experiences the above.

Now I'm confused and annoyed because this is such frustrating problem.

Here are my specs for my comp:

MB: MSI 790FX-GD70
CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 Black Edition (multiCore)
RAM: OCZ Gold DDR3 PC8500 1066
H Western Digital SATA
Pwr sup: Cool Max 900 watt-Green Power

Please help me, eventually I'll have to take it in for it to be analyzed but I need to understand a real possiblility.

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With any odd booting problem, the first things I check are the

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Help with a really weird ...

BIOS power and API settings, and if the system is an instant on power up or not.

Check the power cables to the drives are all plugged in fully and not just on and a bit loose. And also try to spread out the power drain over all the internal power leads.

After that, I'd have to be sitting in front of it to watch what's happening.

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To Deadly Ernest

by Trinix In reply to With any odd booting prob ...

How would I "spread out the power drain over all the internal power leads"?

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Most Power Supply Units have a number of internal power lines

by Deadly Ernest In reply to To Deadly Ernest

coming from them with the power connectors for the various internal components on them. Depending upon the age and type of system and type of PSU, you will have anywhere four to ten sets of lines with various connectors on the end. Some are for specific items and are obviously so due to the connector - like the one for the motherboard, the one for the P4 extra plug on the motherboard; some have little labels on them saying things like 'case fan' etc.

However, the ones for the hard drives and optical drives have either the rectangular four wire plug connector or the thin sata power connector on them - usually there is between two and six of these (depends on the psu make and size).

Hard drives run all the time, while optical drives only run a little bit. So you can spread the load by NOT having all the hard drives on the same line.

I typically have one hard drive per line before I start to double them up, that way I split the full time load over all the lines. I do the same with the optical drives. But I set the main hard drive on one line and the main optical drive on the other.

This way, in a system with two hard drives and two optical drives (a common set up today) that has only two internal drive power lines, you have one hard drive and one optical drive per power line, and the load is shared across them both.

A lot of people tend to just run one line for both hard drives and one for the optical drives, yes this can make the lines easier to lay out, but it puts the bulk of the load on one line, and that can cause problems if there is any minor issues with the power provision.

Another thing I just thought of, the power connectors for the older pata / ide drives and the optical drives is often the same type used for the case fans, if you have one of those plugged into a drive, it won't be supplying the right power levels all the time.


If the need to have the system powered up for some hours before you can boot it is constant, that's often a sign of a bad capacitor in the system somewhere - but with the changed motherboard and power supply, that should be long gone unless you got two duds in a row - very, very unlikely.

good luck

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To Deadly Ernest

by Trinix In reply to Most Power Supply Units h ...

Ok, I see what you're saying.

I only have 1 HD and it's using the only SATA power connector. The only drives sharing the same power line is the CD-ROM and the DVD drive.

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As long as the plugs are in tight, that shouldn't be an issue then - nt

by Deadly Ernest In reply to To Deadly Ernest
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by Ron K. In reply to Help with a really weird ...

What size is your RAM and how much do you have?<br>
What's your operating system?

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My simple thought is that one RAM stick is failing.

by Ron K. In reply to Curious...

I've been told to remove all peripherals and RAM,one stick at a time, leaving the keyboard and the mouse to see if the computer still fails. It could also be too much thermal paste under the CPU cooler allowing it to get too hot. <br>
Just guessing.

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To: Ron K

by Trinix In reply to Curious...

I have two 1 gig sticks set up in dual channel. one is inserted in the 1st slot and the 2nd one is in the 3rd slot.

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are the RAM chips the same speed? are they a matched set?

by Deadly Ernest In reply to To: Ron K

different speeds could cause some issues, but I've not seen it cause this type, and a RAM issue usually results in no boot or a set of beeps.

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To Deadly Ernest

by Trinix In reply to are the RAM chips the sam ...

It's a matched set by the same company. What I am going to do is take one of the sticks and test it one by one every 10 hours because that is the time it usually has booting issues.

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