Help with Administrative Rights

By Tink! ·
- Laptop workstation will not give local Admin rights to the rightful user when logged onto the network
- However it will give the user Admin rights when NOT logged on to the network

How do I fix it so the user can get all admin rights when logged on to the network?

[My guess at the origin of this problem is that when I set up the laptop I somehow misnamed the either the local or the network profile so that they do not match.]

Tink :)

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Local Group

by IC-IT In reply to Help with Administrative ...

Admin Group, Add User and make sure the location area is set to the domain. Then when the check name is used it should resolve the user to your domain i.e. return with yourdomain\username.

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More Info please

by Tink! In reply to Local Group

Can you be a bit more verbose - am using XP Pro on all computers with the server being Win2003. Am I to do what you say locally or on the server?

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On the laptop

by cmiller5400 In reply to More Info please

You add the user to the local admin group on the laptop. If the user has 2 user accounts, one local on the laptop and one on the domain, both will need to be added to the local admin group.

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I'm confused about that too

by LocoLobo In reply to Help with Administrative ...

It appears that in a Win 2003 server environment the local admin doesn't have the rights he does in an NT environment. Check out Group Policies on the server. The problem is I don't know what rights you need to check out. I had a similar problem a few months ago. See here:**

The other thing that hung me up was after resetting a policy it isn't (registered?) with the network yet. That had me going in circles for a while. Sorry I don't know the equivalent of "Synchronize the Domain" from NT. If somebody could anser that I would appreciate it.

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Now the logon hangs

by Tink! In reply to Help with Administrative ...

Ok, I fixed the Admin rights (turns out all I had to do was rename the local user to match the domain user...before I was afraid this would redirect documents and local settings etc., but it didn't)

Now the problems is it take a full 2 Minutes for the logon screen to show up. It hangs for over a minute on "Applying network connections" (u know what I mean) and then for another 30 seconds on "Applying Computer settings"

How do I fix this problem?

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To make it easy...

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to Now the logon hangs

you should delete the local account and make their domain account an admin on the local machine. That might make it login faster as well since there will not be two profiles named the same. It is probably having trouble finding which one to load. It can't go by just the name if there are two.

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How would that affect Outlook?

by Tink! In reply to To make it easy...

If I delete the Local account wouldn't that eliminate his Outlook account/profile?

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You could copy...

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to How would that affect Out ...

the user files (favorites, .pst files, other data files, etc...) before you delete the account. Then delete the user and then the account. Add the network account as a local admin. Copy any data files to the new profile. This will give them their favorites and the .pst file will give them their Outlook info.

If you don't create local users to begin with it makes it much easier, but after you do this you should have no problems.

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ok, on the other hand

by Tink! In reply to You could copy...

How would that affect the laptop if he were to take it off the network and go out of town?

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No difference...

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to ok, on the other hand

he just will not have network drives available. That is how I have 50 users setup and 10 are sales that travel all over the world. All take their laptops out of the office, including me. As far as I know, though I have never thought to look, that is the recommended way and how most do it unless they have special needs.

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