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    Help with Asterisk


    by rick d ·

    Need help with this one, I have been doing research on Asterisk and I have not found a large company or contact center that is using it and happy with it. Could anyone fill me in with the pro’s and con’s of an asterisk system in a large company/contact center (600+ Employees) setting

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      I can only offer these

      by seanferd ·

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      by ccadman ·

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      With that large of a call center you will need multiple servers. Are you going with VoIP or Analog? How many departments are involved.

      Are you going to use a dialer? If so what brand?

      Lots of variables without details is hard to say. I have an AA50 setup in an office envroenment with 20 local IP phones and 25 remote softphone users with no issues but its not a “Call Center” I have set up asterisk on Redhat with Digium cards and Voip to the floor with 4 PRI with 200 users and VICI dial without issue.

      Asterisk has AIX which is Asterisk Inter-Exchange that will allow you to trunk multiple servers together.

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