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By killerofu33 ·
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Alright, so I have looked online for ways to fix AVG bothering my google chrome experience. AVG is seemingly completely uninstalled through control panel and whatnot, all of the files have been deleted, and chrome as been reinstalled. AVG is removed from plugins, the whole nine yards. But a problem still persists, even after all of this uprooting. While it doesn't bother me in new pages, whenever I press alt KP_7, it redirects the page to AVG safe search's homepage. Now, one might think "Why would you use alt KP_7 anyway?". Well, to you, the "°" symbol just happens to be alt 0176, which I use a surprising amount of. So is there any way to finish off AVG and remove it, or is it built into chrome to take me to avg whenever I press alt 7?

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