Help with BSOD error codes

By ToobiWon ·
I have a harddrive that failed to boot in both normal and safe mode (BSOD)with the following error codes.
I managed to eventually get it to boot into safe mode with the help of a BartPE disc and did a system restore to two weeks back.
I have tried all the "solutions" suggested by the 0x0000007E error without success, I have even tried it in a different PC to get around a possible BIOS issue and changed video cards.
I cannot do a repair install of WXPPro as the previous installation isn't found.
Virus and malware checks draw a blank.
I cannot find any info whatsoever re the last three error codes, any help with this most gratefully recieved.

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RE: "I cannot find any info whatsoever.." ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Help with BSOD error code ...

I know the feeling.

What was the error message on these BSODs - not all 0x0000007E errors are identical.

It'd also be helpful to know the details of all your having "tried all the "solutions" suggested by the 0x0000007E error without success."

Or would you rather that we all chip in with suggestions that you've already tried?

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What is it with System Restore?

by seanferd In reply to RE: "I cannot find any in ...

I mean, aside from the rather misleading name, and the sad lack of documentation in the Restore UI, that leads people to think it will fix all sorts of problems? In some cases, System restore will just make things worse.

See, I've answered my own question.

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system restore

by ToobiWon In reply to What is it with System Re ...

I agree, it may have its shortcomings but it at least allowed me to boot into safe mode, something I was unable to do initially.

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"tried all solutions"

by ToobiWon In reply to RE: "I cannot find any in ...

I tried the solutions mentioned on the BSOD, to whit, BIOS shadowing etc and change video adapter and uninstalling any recent hardware.

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by jgirizarry In reply to Help with BSOD error code ...

Test the memory for errors. This codes could be different problems and are difficult to pinpoint.

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Memory errors

by ToobiWon In reply to Memory

I thought it could be that as well but the original PC showed no memory errors after tseting and neither did the second PC I put the H/D in.
Looks like "get what work off that I can and clean install"
Many thanks to all who replied.

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