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Help with CPU install

By tekkydave ·
I got a barebones shuttle PC kit, and put it together last night. I put everything in step by step, thermal compound on the CPU, the whole 9 yards.

After it was all put together, though, I fired it up, and nothing happens. The powerlight goes on, the fans spin, but no BIOS screen, no nothing. THe light on the monitor stays lit green, but no image. The light on the cd-rom stays green as well, as if it's being scanned during startup, but the light never goes off.

Did I botch the CPU install? How can you dell if you damaged the processor. Are they incredibly delicate? I'm no bull in a china closet, but I'm no surgeon either.

Help me Tech Republic, you're my only hope!

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by shuja52 In reply to Help with CPU install

not necessarily the CPU would be the culprit, check RAM, motherbopard jumper settings etc

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by tekkydave In reply to Help with CPU install

Well, the board is 'jumperless' so according to the manual it should be ready to fly once everything is popped in.

Thanks for the response.

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by dmiles In reply to Help with CPU install

Not necessarily botched,CPU would have not gone in correctly if you have to force it, are you sure that you matched the cpu pins up correctly,you should go back and check for bent pins.

Check the connections on the motherboard
Make sure the ribbon cables are installed on the back of drives,check that you have all pin 1 connections with red dsignated color orientated correctly

Check that you have the memory modules installed correctly.
Recheck all connections

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by nsict In reply to Help with CPU install

Well, lots of things can be in this trouble. You can't put CPU in socket wrongly. You need to check what's wrong. First step is to pull out everything from motherboard exept CPU and cooler. If MB and CPU work correctly, you will hear some sound (beeps) from PC speaker which must be conected to MB. If you don't hear any beeps, it could be something wrongly with MB or CPU. Both can be perfectly good but bios can't recognise CPU. It's happend very often with new AMD Sempron. If you hear the sounds, go to step two.
2nd: Put memory in, and if you don't hear sound - problem is in memory module. If sound is changed go to 3rd phase.
3rd: Put VGA card in, if no sound problem is solved. If you got picture on monitor go to step 4.
4th: One by one connect optical devices, hard disk(s) and PCI cards to MB and find which device make problem to you.

If nothing works, put MB out of case and try everything on table. After that you can only ask your money back

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by TheChas In reply to Help with CPU install

We could help you out more with a little bit more information.

What model Shuttle system?
What CPU?

You say the system is jumperless.
That usually applies only to settings.

It is very possible that you have a clear CMOS jumper.
By default, these are often set to clear, and with the jumper set to clear, the PC will not boot.

Make sure that if there is a clear CMOS jumper it is set to normal.

Another possible culprit for a no boot is a noisy (electrical not mechanical) CPU or system fan.

Try using an adapter and plugging the fan into one of the drive connectors.

Jumpers on your drives can be part of the problem also.
Make sure that the jumper settings and any cable markings for master and slave match.
Or, try setting the drives to cable select mode.


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by willcomp In reply to Help with CPU install

As Chas suggested, ensure that BIOS reset jumper is in the proper position.

Then disconnect power and signal cables from all drives. See if system boots with this minimal configuration. If so, sequence drives back one at a time.

If no boot with minimal configuration, remove and reseat video card and memory and try again. Then remove and reseat CPU.

Are you getting any beeps from on-board speaker during bootup?

The primary culprits on a new system that won't boot (providing jumpers are correct and everything is assembled properly) are faulty memory or motherboard.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Help with CPU install

Provided you didn't force the CPU into its Socket not likely.

I've seen a few similar things like this happen and I had to clear the BIOS by changing the jumper setting and then reset the jumper to get a display on the screen. If you are getting a constant green LED on the monitor it is getting a signal but can not read it so by clearing the BIOS you'll should get things working but this may have to be done several times as when you change even one setting in the BIOS you may not get a display on the reboot.

I know it's annoying and shouldn't happen but it sometimes does and when it wants to play up you just have to play along until you get it to work. But when you do get it running and loaded run it for at least 100 hours continually just to make sure that there are no real hardware problems involved. If it can pass a 100 hour burn in it should work perfectly.


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