help with cpu upgrade

By petalponk ·
Right I was upgrading my pc, put in 2gb ram, turned it on everything fine.
put a new graphics card in turned it on - fine
put new hard drive in- fine all formatted ok
changed the cpu....
Fisrt of all there was 1 long beep, 2 short beeps, which is apparently a video error so i removed the new graphics card, started it up same beeps again, went to the mobo manufacturers site they told me to clear my cmos, which i did. Started it up again, same beeps.
Decided to put the old cpu back in, and now it starts normal beep. but it doesnt start booting it just sits there with the name of my mobo on the screen.

Mobo asus m2npv-mx


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by scott_heath In reply to help with cpu upgrade

Clear your CMOS again with the new CPU in. I once tried to test a CPU on a PC and it killed the mobo. I could never even get it to power on again.

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Upgrading CPU can be a mobo killer if it isn't compatible

by ManiacMan In reply to help with cpu upgrade

You need to be 100% sure it's compatible with your system board and that the BIOS can support it.

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What about turning off the ASUS Logo

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to help with cpu upgrade

You should be able to see what is happening and if the M'Board is telling you anything.

Also did you remember to reset the CMOS?

If it's been cleared and not reset the computer is unlikely to boot.


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How do i do that?

by petalponk In reply to What about turning off th ...

how do i reset the cmos? put the jumper back if that's what you mean?

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When you boot the system you are told to press Delete to Enter Setup

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How do i do that?

Or something similar. Press the mentioned key and when you are in the BIOS Setup turn off the Makers Logo and set the Date & Time at the very least.

If you have not done this the M'Board defaults to the original Date and midday time so it's possible that the System Date as listed in the Real Time Clock is older than the Windows Files on the HDD. If that happens Windows can not load as it's not possible to boot a system before the files have been written.

Can't beat Computer Logic here but if you want to see something really funny set a date of 2025 and see what happens.


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Thanks all fixed now

by petalponk In reply to When you boot the system ...

i emailed asus in the end and they gave me step by step instructions and i'm glad to say everythings woking now :) thanks for all your suggestions

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