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    help with creating a website like fiverr


    by ghostndgrind ·

    so were working on a website and 1 very important feature i would like to add is the options to:
    1. post a request for a job you’d like.
    2. review different options and let developers contact you with proposals.
    3. have an integrated chat feature so that you can talk to the developer before and after you hire them so that you can discuss the idea.
    4. offer an escrow system for payment so that the payment is held until the job is # completed otherwise they’ll have two both agree on cancelation or either party can post a request to cancel the job which will have to be reviewed.
    5. have a timer function so that the job has to be finished within a certain agreed on time otherwise the client gets an instant 10% discount.

    this is all very similar to fiverr and freelancer.

    does anyone know of such a plugin or would be willing to help out for a fee ofcourse.

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