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Help with dumb terminals and server

By fishingjoe ·
have a client who is a Dentist who wants a Server and 6 dumb terminals
with Touch Screen.How would I do this as I have nerver did dumb terminals.Each to be @ each chair.

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by CG IT In reply to Help with dumb terminals ...

a "dumb" terminal is one that usually doesn't have a hard drive on the terminal. Boots from LAN and gets user programs from the server. Terrible server resource hog if handling a medium volume of traffic or use large size programs. Usually reservered for workers handling ultra sensitive data that the company doesn't want copy, print, save, or stored locally. Your dentist might be thinking of saving $$ by using "dumb terminals" and not PC workstations.

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by Oldefar In reply to Help with dumb terminals ...

Rather than thin client, consider a zero client solution that takes advantage of the multitasking capabilities in the server and extends the monitor and keyboard.

Touch screen monitors merge the mouse/kybd aspects into the monitor. A simple search on "touch screen" in Google will give you a half dozen or more manufacturers to look into.

For the zero client, try Applica at as a source. Their old dual user system from 1999 (aka PC Buddy) has been a solid solution in SOHO situation for me these past 4 years. They have since added larger clusters.

I suspect Applica would be happy to address potential issues with you, as well as provide specific technical info regarding a touch screen solution with them.

As for the dentist wanting to save a couple of bucks using terminals versus PC in each office, good for him! Technology is a tool, and he is simply looking for the right level of tools to meet his business requirements.

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by Oldefar In reply to

By the way, touch screen costs alone will be about 80% of a workstation and monitor, but will add value with saved time and added reliability. Touch screens suitable for an high moisture and dirt/dust environment are available, which may make sense for a dentist office.

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by Oldefar In reply to

The specific Applica device is the APU2-PX Series, which meets the touch screen requirement but has a recommended maximum of 5 users and a potential distance limitation.

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by wlbowers In reply to Help with dumb terminals ...

Remind the Dentist that when the server goes down everybody twiddles their thumbs.


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