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By Pendal1 ·
Hello gang. I live in Northeastern, PA and I was recently downsized out of my Help Desk position. I was the lead analsyst on the desk and we were basically a one-stop shopping center for all of the companies IT problems. I handled hardware, software issues, remote issues, etc, etc. My problem is the area I live in not exactly loaded with industry and so I'm struggling to find work. Any tips would be greatly apprecaited. I feel like I'm covering all the bases in terms of recruiters, monster, careerbuilder, etc but still nothing and I mean there's just a lack of an opportunity - not that I can't get a job if I have an interview. If you want to see a resume, e-mail me at and I'll show you what I have. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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by bckurd In reply to Help with employment ques ...

I suggest you not go with recruiters as much as possible.Because their aim is to sell you to their clients. They play with you like a ball..

My best advice would be for you to send your resume directly to HR of the companies and make sure that information in your resume is categorized very well and descriptive enough.

Good Luck!

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by Craig321 In reply to Help with employment ques ... is a very good job search site. It checks all the employmenet sites with just one search. You'll see what I mean

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by Computer Geek In reply to Help with employment ques ...

Definitely do not rely on recruiters. When I was job hunting I went to about three or four of them, each promising wonderful results very quickly. 90% I never heard from them again. They are only using your resume to pad their quota.
The jobs they post on the career website are much like a worm on a hook. Each time I answered one of those they told me I would have to come in for an interview with them first. So I would drive out to their place and waste a lunch hour only to be told that particular job was already filled. I?d answer their questions and they would tell me they let me know if anything matching my skill set comes around. They are very optimistic.

After a few weeks, I was not sharing they?re optimism. I would call one of them up and leave a voice mail asking for a status report and never get a call back.

I won?t say all of them are like that, but many are.

Best advice is to make sure you have daily job openings emailed to you from the major job boards like Monster, CareerBuilder,, and Dice. You can set up search engines for specific key words like Help Desk, or the like and arrange to have any matches emailed to you daily. The returns aren?t always 100% accurate, but it works.

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