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    Help with Excel and Sharepoint


    by praveen.alvandi ·


    I am a complete novice to VB and MS (MicroSoft)technologies so please bear with me.

    Here is the problem:

    I have a parent folder called “Production”. Under Production i have many subfolders with each of the employee’s name. Each folder will again have Excell with the employees Name and each Excell has tabs respective to the Dates.

    The requirement is that i need to have an Excell that would have a macro. When i run this macro, it would copy all the sheets from each Excell i mentioned above.

    I have an Excel sheet with me that has a Macro. The Macro merges the data from all Excell Sheets under a Specified Folder and Sub-Folders into one sheet.

    For Example:
    I have a Folder called “trial” under “C:\”. It has many subfolders. Each subfolder has an Excell sheet.

    This way i save alot of time otherwise i will have to copy the data from each tab manually and that would take alot of time, may be hours togather.

    All was fine till my company decided to start storing the data on sharepoint server.

    Now i need the same functionality from Sharepoint. ie there will be number of folders on share point. Each folder will have excell sheets under it. So now, I need to modify my excell so that it connects to sharepoint, copies data from each excell.

    So please give me a vb code snippet which can help me do this.


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      All happens auto in MOSS2007

      by kashifmvp ·

      In reply to Help with Excel and Sharepoint

      Everything happens automatically when you work in document library in sharepoint, see drop down menu you will separate versions of each file into all user workspace.

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