Help with Excel Nested IF Statement

By dcrackley ·
I am trying to figure out why this formula is not working: It works up uwhen until the 3rd IF statement, but when I nest the 3rd IF statement it is giving me the error: "You have entered too many arguments...". Can you all see anything wrong with the formula? Have I entered to many functions in the formula?


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I think you are using too many "IF" and " AND" functions..

"IF" Function...
Between each argument of the IF function, the comma is used as a separator. The comma is what tells Excel when each argument of IF function ends and the next section begins.

"And" function..
Just a thought. :)

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
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Try this.

by Chris910 In reply to Help with Excel Nested IF ...


I Changed three things:
--In the true condition of the second if there was a comma missing in front of the -F2.
-- in the final if False condition you do not need the sum() the statement 31/H2*100 is sufficient.
-- The greater than symbol at the end of the formula should be a close parenthisis.

Additionally there is an untested condition where the G2 date is 8-1-2008

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by JNirvaha In reply to Help with Excel Nested IF ...

It looks like Chris nailed it. it is important to make sure your commas are in place- what was happening was that it didn't see it as nested and you broke the limit for the amount of functions allowed.


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mutliple nested IF statements in Excel 2010

by kaos93 In reply to Help with Excel Nested IF ...

Need help with multiple nested IF statements in excel. I am trying to do a tier bonus sales spreadsheet that has if this than this, or if this than this, it is 6 if statements all together.
what i have so far: =IF(G3>0,G3<50,G3*0),IF(G3>50,G3<100,G3*5) but not calculating.

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