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Help With Fireworks MX

By jlacroix ·
I am trying to set up a FAQ page on our website and I am designing it in Fireworks then inserting it into Dreamweaver. My problem is how do I link a question on one page to the answer on another page. For example I am listing all the questions on one page and on a different page I am having all the answers to the questions. I want it so when a person clicks on a specfic question it will automatically take them to the specific answer on the other page that they wanted. I know you can do that on dreamweaver by inserting an anchor but I want to know how I can do that using Fireworks. I hope this makes sense.

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Assigning URLs

by tmar In reply to Help With Fireworks MX

I am not a Fireworks user, although I do have Studio MX that includes Fireworks MX.

The Help system includes this


Working with URLs

Assigning a URL to a web object creates a link to a file such as a web page. You can assign URLs to hotspots, buttons, and slice objects. When you intend to use the same URLs several times, you can create a URL library in the URL panel and store the URLs in the library. You use the URL panel to add, edit, and organize your URLs.

For example, if your website contains several navigation buttons to return to your home page, you can add the URL for your home page to the URL panel. Then you assign this URL to each navigation button by selecting it in the URL library. You can use the Find and Replace feature to change a URL across multiple documents (see Finding and replacing).

URL libraries are available for all Fireworks documents and are saved between sessions.


If the questions are a slice or some other object which can be wrapped with an anchor tag (again, I don't know the way Fireworks works) you should be able to assign a url with the pound or hash-mark symbol to take the user directly there.


Should take userto #3 on the other page.

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