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help with hardware options

By thasenkamp ·
I have some users that operate a laptop and machine out in the field to dig into the ground for briges and foundations. On the laptop they run a software that tells them what speed to run the machine so the drill rod does not break off in the ground. Right now one person has to stand by the machine to adjust the speed, another person needs to stand by the laptop to read of the speed settings as the machince runs. I need to find a way to make this a one-man-job. I want the man running the machine to be able to also read off of the laptop. The laptop canot be moved from its current position, so the answer isn't to move the guy closer to the computer. Any ideas?

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You can buy a small LCD screen and a long VGA cable

by Why Me Worry? In reply to help with hardware option ...

but you will have to find some way to power the LCD display out in the field. If you have a vehicle nearby, you can buy one of those 12V DC to 120V AC power inverters that will power standard 110V grounded device from your cigarette lighter plug, sold in BestBuy and many electronics stores, even RadioShack. Most laptops these days have an external VGA port that allows you to redirect the display to an external monitor with a few click of function keys. You can find a long SVGA cable from most online PC distributors like or

I really can't see any other way of doing this, other than what I proposed. Hope this helps.

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Help with hardware options.

by jkn1ck In reply to You can buy a small LCD s ...

Try a handheld (Dell Axim) or other handheld and use a wireless connection between the two. I use my handheld to connect to my laptop in my office from across the campus (manufacturing plant). Use terminal services client to attach to laptop.

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best option

by thasenkamp In reply to Help with hardware option ...

I actually just came to this solution earlier in the week. One problem. My laptop doesn't have the bluetooth capabilities. Some smarty that ordered the laptop for them (not my department) decided to save $38 and not prvoide this option. I am eventually going to get an upgrade and give them this capability. Thanks to all that helped out.

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Talking software

by colen In reply to help with hardware option ...

Try some reading software, like jaws, and a good stereo headset.

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Remote Administration

by intellitech In reply to help with hardware option ...

How about setting up the systems to be able to
remotely share the software, so you are able to
operated the system from anywhere and see both.
Use Remote Desktop Sharing, Routing and Remote Access. Just like, for example, I am able to repair my Father InLaw System from my shop using
Remote Assistance. You would need to give yourself full Administrative rights. Is this Possible for you or does it help you in any way?
IntelliTech -

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