Help with IBM xSeries 235 Server RAID disks

By mdanalis ·
Greeting to all !!

I have an old IBM x235 Server with 4 x SCSI 320 36 GB HDDs.

The first two (1,2) disks have RAID 1 and the Operating System Window 2000 Server is installed.

The second two (3,4) disks have RAID 1 and an old Application is installed.

Disks 1 and 4 had orange solid lights, which means that they were not working properly.

Disks 2 and 3 are fine !!

For some stupid reason, I removed disks 2 and 3 , because I wanted to see something and now I don't remember which one goes in which place !!!!!!!!

Help ???

I was thinking the following scenarios :

1) Just put them back and if Windows 2000 Server loads, than I am lucky !! If it doesn't then try to put them in each others place and try again. Could this cause damage to the good disks and corrupt the system ??

2) Try to boot the system just with disks 1 and 4 and if it works, recover the data and shut it off again !!

3) Remove disks 1 and 4 that are not working properly, and install disks 2,3 in positions 2,3 and if Windows 2000 Server does not load, change places and put them in places 3,2 !!

4) Any other suggestions ??

I thought that the server was blank and needed the good disks, and then I realized that I had some old data !!!!

Thanks !!


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