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Help with installation problem

By the2ndguitarist ·
I bought an XP Professional upgrade at the store, with service pack 2.

i currently have a DELL xp home edition.

i have been having windows error problems here an there just lately so i decided to upgrade. but it seems i cant.

when i put the UPgrade cd in. i go to 'my computer' and autoplay it. it asks me if i want to install Windows XP, i clicked it.

it brings up an XP setup screen.
(Would you like to UPGRADE to Professioanl from (HOME EDITION)


(Would you like a new installation)

i get errors on both solutions.

after it starts Gathering up installation files it pops up a copy error which reads.

"An error occurred copying file akeag2ra.sys to C:\$WIN_NT$.~BT\akeag2ta.sys"

would you like to retry (which doesnt work)
or Skip File

i chose skip file which then tells the istallation that its "Restarting my computer"
it runs the process. it does a BIOS boot just fine then brings up an error with a black screen reading

The file akeag2ra.sys could not be found.

Press any key to continue.


Setup failed. Press any key to restart your computer.

does a cycle until i select it to loads Home edition at OS menu.

What can i do, and what does this mean?

its a brand new Windows XP Professional UPGRADE SP2. I dont understand.

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by Jaqui In reply to Help with installation pr ...

to the wonderfull world of installing windows.
your only option, keep doing everything you have been doing until it finally works.


step one: grab a fist full of hair with each hand
step two: pull it out by the roots
step three: repeat steps one and two until no hair is left to grab.

unless, of course, you want to switch to a real operating system, like linux, a bsd or any other professional quality operating system.
[ microsoft and professional quality are complete strangers, have always been strangers, will always be strangers. ]

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from my experience

by cisco In reply to Help with installation pr ...

From my experience, it's never a good idea to upgrade. It's always better to save the data you need, then wipe out your HD then reinstall a clean version of Windows.

You should also try to contact Microsoft Tech Support.

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Upgrades they call them

by mjd420nova In reply to Help with installation pr ...

All I did was load on a clean drive, no previous partition and it was fine. Not enough hair left to lose, so this is the quick and easy way then hook up the old drive after you have the new setup going. Just means you have to buy a good version with the product tag and you'll be okay.

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Remove and upgrade

by anders_emajl In reply to Upgrades they call them

Have you tried to remove the old Home edition or at least the windows folder and then make a clean install from there.
I always try to copy installation to a installfolder and start the installation from there by booting with a boot-floppy and call setup.exe.

Did you mention if you are booting on the upgrade or starting from inside a running windows version. That could be a variant to try

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XP upgrade install Problem.

by linux152 In reply to Help with installation pr ...

Dell PC's are configured with a backup OS Partition so that your system can reinstall with some help from tech support. If you do not have your full version Dell Windows XP Home Edition OS CD, do not try this...

(1)At boot up press the F12 key, that will take you to a Boot Device Menu.

(2)I can't seem to recall off the top of my head at this point the exact function number that I used next... (This is where you need to get Dell Tech Support to tell you how to reformat your hard drive. You just want to reformat the "C" drive so that if something ever goes wrong with this upgrade you can still fall back on your Dell Home Edition Backup drive which should reformat and reload Home edition on your c: drive.) Once they tell you how to reformat the "C" drive and you have that done, you then want to: Reboot from the your upgrade CD

(3) You need to get into the BIOS setup to change the boot device from the HD to the optical drive(CD). Once you have that done you can save and exit from the BIOS configuration! Your system will now boot into the Upgrade CD, which should eventually ask you for the CD of a Valid Windows Version that you can upgrade from. Provide your Home Edition CD. And it will walk you the rest of the way...


(4) If this works, (as it has for so many previous, version upgrades, 95, 98, ME) Then you may want to reclaim all of you hard drive. By redoing this whole process over one more time, and Formatting the whole hard drive....

You may need to delete partions during the process, so, before you delete a partion, make note of it size and location, as you will replace it, by creating a new single partition in its place. Best of luck to you...

Don't forget to ask The Dell Tech Support people to explain how to reformat the hard drive. As that is most likely what has held you up...

Please let me know how it goes...

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