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    Help! – with Internet Connection Sharing


    by tink! ·

    I am attempting to share my DSL connection at home between 2 computers.

    The PARENT runs XP Home and has plenty of USB ports and 1 Ethernet.

    The KID runs Win98SE is older and slower, and has 2 USB ports and 1 Ethernet.

    The MODEM is a Westell 6100.

    The SERVICE is Verizon DSL

    PARENT was originally hooked up to the MODEM by iteself via Ethernet. In order to use ICS I switched it to connect to the MODEM via USB so that I could use the Ethernet to connect to KID. I tried using PARENT’s Network Wizard to setup the ICS and all was ok until I tried to use the Network setup disk the wizard created to use on the clients. The KID wouldn’t run the netsetup file. Said something about restriction..which there are no user restrictions currently, so…what gives?

    I did some manual configuring and eventually The PARENT and KID could each see themselves under the WORKGROUP but could not find the other. PARENT could still access internet. But KID couldn’t ping anything.

    Please help! I want to get this working (and yes I know it’d be easier with a router but I can’t afford one at the moment)

    NOTE: I did notice when I was troubleshooting that the PARENT listed the USB connection with the MODEM as an Ethernet adapter connection when I did IPCONFIG /all.

    Thanks in advance!


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      by tink! ·

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      Use AnalogX Proxy

      by jlouis45 ·

      In reply to Help! – with Internet Connection Sharing

      Download this software and share your internet connection.

      All the best !!

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      Go buy a broadband Cable/DSL router (not wireless) and be done with it

      by why me worry? ·

      In reply to Help! – with Internet Connection Sharing

      It’s far easier to setup than messing around with ICS…trust me.

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        Quite right

        by dr dij ·

        In reply to Go buy a broadband Cable/DSL router (not wireless) and be done with it

        this is the much better answer. you can configure it (don’t need to tho) to hide the other computers from each other (for security) or allow them to see on local net (for sharing) and this device also blocks pings from the net that are trying to upload spyware.

        They cost about $30, and it also tells you if the connection is working, without having to do what the tech support always asks you to do, reboot. One LED usually shows you if you have connection, so no arguing with them that it might be your computer problem.

        Some even have a port for shared printer. and config is by web browser.

        With ICS whichever computer is hooked up has to be on all the time. and slow, if they launch a prog can cause delays in shared thru packets

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          ICS should be banned

          by cg it ·

          In reply to Quite right

          people who run ICS wizard make their computers into glorified routers. With the price of consumer level routers at $50.00 or so, I agree with Why Me Worry…. spend the $50.00 or so, be done with it. Lot less headache.

          Trying to undo ICS after your figure out the comp with ICS running must always be on for other comps to access the internet is a pain in the butt…..

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        ok ppl….

        by tink! ·

        In reply to Go buy a broadband Cable/DSL router (not wireless) and be done with it

        I [b]DID[/b] mention in my original post that I DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY TO BUY A ROUTER at the moment. If I did I would in no way be resorting to ICS!!!

        This is a last resort attempt to alleviate the fighting over online time in my crowded household!

        So please help with the issue thank you!

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          Do you have the money

          by dr dij ·

          In reply to ok ppl….

          and time to mess with all your machines getting spyware and viruses from the net?

          you could always hook up a cheap ethernet hub ($10 maybe). Then you need to make sure all your PCs have a software fireewall at least (download free from various companies) plus spyware protetion.

          this wouuld work but then you are open to pings from outside

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          Thanks for the suggestion

          by tink! ·

          In reply to Do you have the money

          Might try that if this router I’m borrowing from Work doesn’t work.

          Actually we use Avast Anti-virus which is free. And Zone Alarm personal Firewall which is also free. 😀

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