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By hajaer ·
I recently received a job offer from a small business and I need insite on the decision I should make. I have spent the last 16 years working for this particular small business (10 years full-time, the last 6 years part-time). For the last 6 years, I have worked as a Help Desk Tech for a large company (2000 users) and now as a Help Desk/Asst. Sys Admin for a medium company (400 users). When I attempted to quit the part-time job, the boss offered me a full-time "IT/Data Entry Manager" position. This small business has 25 users in 3 facilities and he is very unhappy with his outsourced support company. I would be in full control of all software/hardware. I have been very comfortable working with the small business and money, benefits etc. all compare with my current position. I am interested in your comments about working for a large/medium business vs. a small business.

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Depends what you are looking for.

by JamesRL In reply to Help with job opportunity

I've worked in large companies, small companies and as a company of one.

The advantage of large companies that there are opportunities to learn about big networks and big applications. There is often room to move around and see different parts of the business.

The advantage of smaller business is that you have the opportunity to have more direct influence over how things work. You don't have to consult dozens of people when making a decision, or deal with many layers of hierarchy.

It sounds like an interesting learning opportunity for you. I'd seriously consider if I were you.


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Think small for big profits...

by Matthew Moran In reply to Help with job opportunity

I wrote a blog at IT Toolbox on this exact subject at the start of December...

Having worked for extremely large companies and much smaller companies, I like the 30-200 employee niche. It is typically more flexible and you gain valuable insight into the impact of your work.


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by Jessie In reply to Help with job opportunity

I prefer working for small businesses. There's no better way to get yourself pidgeonholed than to work for a large company. You have your job and that's it. There are no special projects that you can be involved in because we need someone in this area, there's no "jack of all trades" in big business.

I enjoy the challenges that a small company brings. I was once the entire IT department for a very small business. I did everything from setting up the servers to making network cables and general PC troubleshooting. There's no better way to keep up with technology and keep your finger on the pulse of a company than being IT for I.T.

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Go for it

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Help with job opportunity

I ended up with in similar function in a remote unit of a large company. Learnt more in the time I was there than at any other point in my career.
Extremely rewarding.
Just think of all he things you would have corrected in past employments if you were in charge.

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Say yes

by qualasaida In reply to Help with job opportunity

I would go for the permanent position offer in the medium sized company.
The salary seems being good and you enjoy working there. Remember that most jobs are on contract these days and only the most lucky professionals get permanent jobs in IT. It's a good chance for you to secure a good income. besides you'll have the freedom to spice up you daily tasks.

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