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    Help with laptop and replicator


    by robertmitch ·

    I have a laptop connected to a replicator. however, my laptop is not being powered by the replicator. i am asking if there is an additional power cord that needs to be connected to the replicator to make certain the laptop is being powered or doo i need to configure the laptop to make sure it is powered by replicator. i am not very technical unfortunately.

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      by robertmitch ·

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      Replicator ?? …

      by older mycroft ·

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      Sorry – you’ve lost me.

      The only ‘replicator’ I’ve ever heard of is the one Captain Picard gets Earl Grey tea from in Star Trek. 😉

      Seriously though – if you are referring to a Port Replicator, usually called a [b]Docking Station[/b] then – it depends on the model of laptop and the type of docking station.

      Does the laptop operate fuctionally WITHOUT the docking station?

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      Which Laptop, Which Port Replicator

      by thechas ·

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      Well, I presume you are referring to a port replicator or docking station connected to your laptop.

      Whether or not the replicator should provide power for your laptop depends on the specific hardware you have.

      Please post back with the make and model of both the laptop and the port replicator. Then, we can provide a detailed answer.

      For starters, does the port replicator plug into a special extra connector on your laptop? Or, does it use just a USB or only connect to your standard ports?

      Also, does the replicator have it’s own AC power supply?

      Unless the replicator connects to a special connector on the laptop, odds are that it does not include the ability to power the laptop.

      Still, post the make and model of both devices for a definitive answer.


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