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Help with malicious attack

By ghale91281 ·
I need help. My brother in law has been maliciously attacked via Facebooks. He does not do Facebook but someone has created a profile as him with pictures of him and even put his place of employment and his address on the profile. He has been attacking people based off race, gender, mental disability and so on. 2 of his worst attacks were against a small kid suffering from brain cancer where he brutally said hateful things about the kids problems and made fun of his appearance and posted a graphic post about enjoying being a Pedophile. People are very upset about what he is doing and have been calling my brother in laws place of work to complain and even offering money for someone to go assault him. He is telling them to come on and using my brother in laws address. We have gone to law enforcement and they refuse to do anything!! They say they have more important things to worry about right now!! How can I find this guy and stop him before he gets my brother in law hurt or worse? We reported it to Facebook and they will not stop it. Help please!!
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