help with mx records & domain names

By NetworkNewb ·
Hi all,

I'm in the process of switching isp's and have a ? about mxrecords and domain names.

basically I have ISP "A"...they currently provide internet services here to this suite, I purchase our domain names through them.

(this is where I get fuzzy) lets say we have domain. use this for rpc over http so users can access this over the's tied to a static with them under the domain name (i'm assuming the mx records are assigned to that static or domain name...not sure.

anyway...I'm in the process of switching ISP services...same building..different ISP with different outside static addresses for us.

would I need to have my former ISP (who I purchased the domains through) point the mx records to the new static address? or point the domain to the new static? for emails to flow to the correct destination?

excuse my ignorance in this area....the servers will be relocated to a NOC and changing outside access basically.

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Re: MX records

by christianshiflet In reply to help with mx records & do ...

MX records are typically hosted by your domain registrar. You can verify this, however, by performing a whois lookup on your specific domain to see who is handling the DNS queries for the domain. is one such site to perform this task. From there you should be able to log in to an admin site for your domain and alter the DNS/MX records to point to the new IP address.

Please let me know if this helps or you have further questions. Thanks.

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by NetworkNewb In reply to Re: MX records

thanks christin....this actually clears up alot of few of my concerns regarding this move.

it's a small move, only 6 boxes...but email and the domains were a major concern of mine since we are switching providers.

I left out we use a third party to handle emergency mail for us (basically incase the server goes down emails won't get lost)

mails hit them ..then forwarded to our exchange boxes here

I'll probably need to get with them (third party company)to forward to the new outside addresses as well as change/reconfigure the outside static on the DNS/MX side with the domain registrar page from my understanding now and let dns replicate..etc,etc.

sounds like a gameplan

thanks alot

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