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Pls. help.

I work in the IT dept of a major finance company. This is my second year here and the culture I have noticed is that whenever production problems are fixed by burning the midnight candle, they are applauded, appreciated and rewarded. No one asks the tough questions as to why was there a production issue in the first place???? The corporate attitude is to not play the blame game.

This is kind of not gelling with me since I am more a strong design person. Last year I was assigned the task of designing a solution to a complex problem and that time it was projected to me by manager that it needs to be done yesterday and go into production ASAP.

I slogged (being new to the company and the system) to learn the existing system and come up with a solution for it. This was a year ago. It went into development, then QA, then user acceptance, etc and is yet to go to production 15 months down the line. In the interim, the production system blew up because of the exact problem for which I had designed the solution. In other words, if this design had been implemented, we could have avoided the production problem altogether.

When the production system came to stand still, senior management got involved and the entire team worked overnight and came up with a quick fix . After I had desinged my solution, I had gotten moved to another project and was not involved in the support and hence the production issue recently.

What bothers me is that no one is asking why the design was not implemented in production. Everyone is applauding my old team for doing a stellar job in jumping and fixing a production issue. No one, no one digs deeper. is this how corporate america is????

pls. help what i should do

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by ntboy In reply to help with my career / job

Yep get used to it

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Mmm - why are you asking us ? - You should be ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to help with my career / job

Broaching this subject with your Company.

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Give thanks that you have a job.

by jakepp In reply to help with my career / job

Deal with it, and move on. If you're still not happy find another job.

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Speak up

by sidekick In reply to Give thanks that you have ...

If you feel it will resolve a recurring issue and ultimately save time and money, say so. If you can, quantify the ROI of implementing your solution. You don't have to point fingers or throw blame around, just point out that there is a better way to do it.

Of course, don't forget the office politics. If you step on the wrong person's toes, the company could benefit while being a detriment to your career. It's sad but true sometimes.

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any more thoughts??

by wecouldbegoodfriends In reply to help with my career / job

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