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I am running into a problem with NetSupport Manager v11...I can get the remote control working perfectly thru TCP/IP and establish a Gateway connection to a remote pc thru HTTP... BUT only on the same LAN...I'm supposed to be able to connect to the Gateway Client pc by HTTP thru different Firewalls... its supposed to be HTTP so its a connection over the internet... so it should connect. I already configured the modems to allow the port 443 UDP and TCP on both sides, but still cant connect. Could it have something to do that the IPs from the ISP are Dynamic and not Static?? Is there a work-around...could I fix the IPs on each pc??

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Well, 443 is the default HTTPS port.

by seanferd In reply to Help with NetSupport Mana ...

I wouldn't know if you need that open or not, but you should check which ports & protocols this utility actually uses.

As to the IPs - if the IP changes, of course you will not be able to connect. But you have two issues with that. One, the LAN (RFC 1** IP of the computer may change if the LAN is using DHCP. Static addressing may help, depending on how this application works. Two, the public IP address, if dynamic, may change frequently, or not often at all. To fix that, these ntworks would need to leas static IPs from their ISPs. Or, use a dynamic DNS hosting service (e.g., DynDNS, NoIP, to associate a domain name with each network's IP, and the networks would have to run the appropriate updater (software client, or possibly a router function) to keep the IP associated with the domain name.

I have no idea if that is the problem, but that is how you deal with dynamic IPs to which you need to connect.

Edit: This does seem to address your questions. The "how" would be in the manuals.

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