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Help with network topology/design.

By paulgaudet ·
Hi folks, I feel like I need to fill in some blanks in my understanding of networking and am wondering if those-in-the-know ever sell their expertise on a one-on-one basis? A mentor of sorts, someone to guide the logical planning and design of a network for me to implement.

I'm currently employed by a super small company as the 'IT guy' even though I didn't go to school and have a basic working knowledge of network administration. We have a main office in big city with 5 staff... and a branch in another country with 10 staff. I purchased and set up a Ubiquiti Unifi network in the main office without much problem (gateway, switch, NAS, APs, cameras on fibre connection with static ip).

Before setting up the Ubiquiti network I engaged local IT companies, discussed plans, acquired quotes, but in the end there was such a huge variation in what they were offering I assumed their recommendations were based more on the deals they had with their vendors than what would have been the ideal technical solution.

I'm now in the process of installing the same system in the branch office but realize my confidence is starting to wane on account of my lack of understanding how to tie everything together in the most suitable manner. VPN, proper subnet strategy, radius, tie in Office 365, etc.

This conundrum highlights my of my lack of knowledge... and proves I know just enough to be dangerous. Usually my learning comes in the form of endless online research and persistence. I feel like I can figure out most of what has to be done as long as the plan is sound. That's where this falls apart, i don't know enough of what I don't know... (at least I know that!) =] Taking an accelerated local college or university course is something I'd like to do, but really.. who am I kidding after 25 years in the workforce as a technical jack of all trades, master of none?? Better to just admit I know not and get some help. =]

There are websites like where 'professionals' sell their services individually... does anyone know if there anything like that for network admins? My assumption is that asking for network design help in a forum will just be too big of an issue for one-off responses. So... I'm willing to pay a pro to advise on a suitable network topology and solutions for what I assume are standard business needs.

Perhaps there's a forum where these types of high-level organization questions are suitable? Any help or guidance is appreciated!

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by jeb1527511356 In reply to Help with network topolog ...
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There are global market places for freelancers.

by jeb1527511356 In reply to Help with network topolog ...

This link should lists a few people that might interest you about 10 items down on the following link at the time of writing, June 25, 2018.

A) There are lots of other similar sites and B) you could probably refine this search on this site. C) Don't get taken for a ride :)

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