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Help with Outlook 2003 email - won't send.

By mbecker908 ·
Bottom line, I can receive POP3 email from my accounts into OL2003, but if I try to reply, forward or start a new message I can't send it. I've been using OL200 for about two years with no problems managing multiple remote email accounts and everything went to **** last week.

I'm running the MS Office 2003 Suite in Windows XP. Last week I was accessing three POP3 accounts with Outlook (NOT OL Express). One was from a remote server from a former employer (which was my default account), one was from a GoDaddy account I own and one was from gmail. I've had all of these accounts running, along with several other remote server email accounts with no problems for as long as I've had OL2003.

I deleted the remote server account with my former employer while it was still my default account, checked the email account list in OL and it had assigned default status to my gmail account which was what I intended to to anyway. I made no other changes. I set up an additional gmail address and it tested fine and downloaded the email then in the account. I attempted to Reply to one of the messages and discovered that there was no Send/Receive button on the toolbar. There was the greyed bar at the top of the email identifying the account that I should be replying from, but no S/R button. I exited the email, saved the reply into the Outbox, and clicked the New button to send a new email and no S/R button and no indication of the account it should be sent from. Since I have the S/R button when I'm reviewing the task panes, I clicked it to see if OL would send the saved email from the Outbox, it would not.

Since then, I've done the following:

1. Deleted all three POP3 accounts from OL and set them up again. They all tested as working accounts but I could not send from any of them.
2. Using my third party uninstaller which removes everything including registry entries, I deleted my MS Office Suite (I backed it up an saved the backup on a remote hard drive). I then ran a registry cleaner (CClean) and AdAware just for the heck of it. I reinstalled MS Office 2003. No change to OL, still can't send.

I'm at wits end. Any help or suggestions would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Check this

by Jacky Howe In reply to Help with Outlook 2003 em ...

and let us know how you get on.

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by mbecker908 In reply to Check this

List of checks were:

1. An add-in that marks items read if you view the Outbox.
2. Not authenticating properly with the mail server.
3. No default email account set.
4. Using a program that access the pst or ost data, such as MSN Desktop Search.
5. An antispam or antivirus scanner is scanning outgoing mail.

I've made no changes to the add-ins and I never look in the Outbox.

All accounts are authenticated and working and I have a default account listed.

No programs that access the pst files and no new programs added recently.

I disabled my email anti-virus scanner (AVG) and there is no change.

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Are you getting any

by Jacky Howe In reply to Nope.

error messages. Also try this.

Type netsh winsock reset at the command prompt, and then press ENTER. Click on OK.

< add a bit >

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by mbecker908 In reply to Are you getting any

No change.

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And no error messages.

by mbecker908 In reply to Are you getting any

It acts normally, it just won't send.

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What are your SMTP settings in each account?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Help with Outlook 2003 em ...

If those aren't set correctly, you not only can't send, there won't be a send button.

Remember that your ISP may require that you use their SMTP server (and authenticate) because they won't relay. Or, the opposite may be true too.

So, tell us how you have the accounts set up?

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SMTPs are set up as required by the email accounts.

by mbecker908 In reply to What are your SMTP settin ...

They are set to: gmail -; GoDaddy - The server port numbers and authentication are set per gmail/GoDaddy specs. All were working, set exactly as they are now, a week ago before all **** broke loose,

My ISP is Cox Communications and I don't have to use their SMTP protocol.

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Check to see if

by Jacky Howe In reply to Help with Outlook 2003 em ...

port 25 has been blocked by your ISP. You may have to use IMAP with SMTP.

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It appears that all ports are blocked.

by mbecker908 In reply to Check to see if

My port set up (per gmail & GoDaddy) are as follows:
In Out
gmail 995 465 - encripted SSL
GoDaddy 110 80 - no encription

Port 25 isn't specd or assigned.

I got "error" on all five (including 25) from CanYouSeeMe.

The magical question would be, assuming this is the problem, what would have caused those ports to be blocked? I didn't request a block and have made no changes - other than deleting one remote POP3 account. I've received no notification from Cox that they've blocked anything and I do not use the email account they provide with my service. It's never been accessed in the six or seven years I've used Cox.

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Check this link

by Jacky Howe In reply to Check to see if

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