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Help with Outlook distribution groups

By ldtech ·
Can anyone help me with a couple of Outlook distribution group frustrations?

1. I have set up a distribution list with about 30 people in it. When I
add or delete members in the group, Outlook shows me an easy-to-use
alphabetically-ordered view of all of the list members. However, if I send
a message to the group and then view the message in the Outbox or in Sent
Items, the order of names seems almost random. Is there anything I can do
to force alphabetical order here?

2. Sometimes I receive a note from a person in the group which I want to
send to all other members in the group, excluding the person who sent me the
note in the first place (does that make sense?). What I do now is send the
note to the distribution list,then quickly open up the Outbox where I see
all of the individual names, then remove the addresses that should not
receive the note, then send the message again. Issue #1 above complicates
life here.

Ideally, what I would like is an "Expand Distribution List" function that
would convert the distribution list name on my new note to an alphabetized
list of addresses in the group before the message is sent.

Does anyone have an idea of how to achieve this?

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Help with Outlook distribution groups

by Dynamo2003 In reply to Help with Outlook distrib ...

Seems like you are trying to squeeze blood out of a stone. Does it matter which order the message is sent? As long as the messages are sent the rest is illogical.

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Help with Outlook distribution groups

by ldtech In reply to Help with Outlook distrib ...

The reason that the order matters is that I want the ability to send a message to a distribution list MINUS one or two specific people. In random order, it's very difficult to pick out two names to delete from a list of 30.

Oddly enough, the list of names is displayed in alphabetical order when the distribution list is being maintained. Unfortunately, that order is not maintained when the list is being used to send a message.

I probably should have listed the points in my question in reverse order. Item 2 is the actual objective, and item 1 would help to achieve it.

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