Help with partition / OS

By jarheadkev ·
Computer is custom built, 2 years old, Has amd Phenom 2 ,4 core processor, asrock mother board, 8 gigs ram, windows 7 pro. Four days ago the system would not boot, I tried to repair it with my win 7 cd, it could not recognize a partition or OS, could not repair, I had another hard drive handy, I installed it, loaded win 7, fixed! Three days later, I have the same same dilemma,I would like to fix myself, it seems that it may be more than hard drive failure, maybe a bad mother board?, Virus? Any help would be appreciated.

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Sounds like either a power supply

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Help with partition / OS

Or data lead may be the problem though you just may have been unlucky and replaced a dead drive with a failing one.

You can try the ultimate boot cd available free here to test your hardware but it has it's limits.


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maybe it's not caused by disk failure or motherboard error

by yychaser In reply to Help with partition / OS

problem like yours may caused by various of reasons, hard ware conflict or whatnot. you can try to backup your entire disk when your OS is working normally. if your disk crashed again you can restore those backup files to see if it works.Here is an tutorial, hope you will find it work.

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