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help with php

By degwell ·
hi everyone,
i am new to php and the problem is i cant get it to hold variables for my forms(collect data from a form and post it to a mysql dbase)it just posts zeros which means empty data anything i must add to my php out of the box configuration?
thanx in advance

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More details needed

by pbsluvr In reply to help with php

Perhaps a posting of the code you're trying (substitute foobars for confidential stuff)?

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thanx for all the help

by degwell In reply to More details needed

thanx guys i got it it was with the globals parameters it was set to off and about the wrong forum i guess i had no where to go thanx anyways and i will make sure i post in the correct forum the nex time..nice week

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A bit more info would be nice

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to help with php

But as a fellow newbie to PHP, I used
$_POST[param] to access a posted parameter.
where param is the name of a field in the form.
Not quoted, which did catch me out at first.
Got all the info I needed via google.

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Wrong forum

by deepsand In reply to help with php

This is a tech. problem, in search of a solution.

It properly belongs in "Technical Q&A," not in "Discussions."

Please re-post there.

Thank you..

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sorry about that

by degwell In reply to Wrong forum

was reading a discussion and just got carried away

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It's a TR problem, one that has been addressed ...

by deepsand In reply to sorry about that

in many discussions.

The structure of TR makes no attempt to guide one to the proper forum, particularly when an article prompts the reader to seek Tech. support from the members.

As a result, the Discussions listings are a jumbled mix of true Discussions and Tech. Questions.

As TR has not yet deemed it worthy of their attention, it falls to the memebers to try to steer people to the right area.

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