Help with profile issue!

By bruler1230 ·
I have a pc running windows xp pro that is connecting my domain controller. When the user logs in, it creates a directory for that user but it is empty. It seems like the profile info isn't being uploaded from the server. Roaming profiles are turned on and all other users profiles work fine. All permissions seem tobe setup correctly also. Anyone seen this before? Or have any idea what it could be? Thanks!

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Corrupt profile.

by seanferd In reply to Help with profile issue!

If the original profile has a problem, a new "blank" profile will be created.

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Error messages

by bruler1230 In reply to Corrupt profile.

Are there any pop up error messages that are associated with a corrupt profile? I am not getting any errors, just trying to figure out if that is what it is.

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Usually, there are.

by seanferd In reply to Error messages

Something like, "Profile could not be loaded, a new profile has been created," or something similar.

Can you find the actual user folder on the server?

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Folder is on server

by bruler1230 In reply to Usually, there are.

I can see the folder on the server and go into its properties. Could it be something locally on the pc?

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go look in the user account properties in Active Directory

by CG IT In reply to Help with profile issue!

if you have a load profile setting there and it's path points to an empty folder, then well that's the setting. It will always use that setting until you change it to the actual folder the profile is in.

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Everything looks correct

by bruler1230 In reply to go look in the user accou ...

Everything seems to be the way it is supposed to. I compared the profile in question to another profile that I know works. And I cant see any difference. The profile path points to the correct place.

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so if you use roaming profiles

by CG IT In reply to Everything looks correct

any other account logging in on the machine has no problem? if so, then I'd create a new profile for the user, make sure the path is correct and try that.

If you still have problems with only 1 user roaming profile, then I would say you shouldn't be and look at folder permissions where the profile is stored and make sure the user permissions are correct. I would check user group membership to find out if they belong to a group that denies access or that would conflict. With rights and permissions, the most restrictive applies which might cause the problem accessing the location where the profile is stored.

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