Help with RAID drive replacement

By mmorris ·
The company I work for has a server with a bad hard drive and is running off what appears to have been the backup drive. How do I know if the system was set up for RAID? Also, if it was on RAID, could replacing the bad drive possibly erase the current drive? Hope I worded this right. Thanks in advance for any help.

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More info

by scott_heath In reply to Help with RAID drive repl ...

What kind of server is it, brand and model. When it boots to do you see any lines that mention an array controller? It normally pauses for a few seconds so you can enter the array config. On many array controllers putting in a new drive is recognized and it may even ask you if you want to rebuild the data on the new drive. All options that erase data are normally very explicit about their danger and require double confirmation.

I'd have a good back up on tape or another media just in case though.

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More info

by mmorris In reply to More info

Thanks for the help. It's a Dell PowerEdge 1750. I found out it's a RAID1 config but the main thing I was worried about was replacing the bad drive and it mirroring the new drive onto the current drive. We have a tape backup drive but no software to run it. Boss won't open the wallet unless it's to slap me with it.

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Tape Backup Software

by scott_heath In reply to More info

Windows comes with it's own sad backup software. It's better than nothing though.

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